A tight but good time over

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Today I got my exams over and feel really relaxed. It was a tough time but it was the I got my lost interests in learning back. Got many plans for the vacation. I would like spent some time reading books, meet friends, spent some tome on comp ( Even though exams were there every day I used to spent 3 to 4 hours on net ! But there was pressure in me ). I’ll do some programming and I got to prepare for the placements. The time ahead is going to be very much different from the time I spent till this time ( a long 20 years ). Now it is time to face the real life. It is so close only months away.

It was ironical that the exam time we had heavy rain taking into consideration that our college advanced the exams due to fear of lack of water. Though we were a bunch of guys left in the hostel after everyone were back home after regular exams ( We have got supplies ) it was really a different experience since I spent most of the day studying ( when I think of the semester I didn’t even spent 10 minutes a day! )

It was during exam time I finds something interesting to do ( other than studies ) like in first year I completed my website during exams this time I spent a lot of time in spymac with discussions and reading a lotta stuff relating open source and linux.

Ok I am going to stop it for now.
Two more days I’ll be in college and I’ll leave for home after that.