Back again …

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After a long vacation of two months I am back in the college again. It was very boring in the middle when I read all interesting novels and Euro cup didn’t start. After the Euro cup’s kick off I have been up all night and ‘down’ all day ! The Euro cup turned out to be very interesting with all friends turn up to watch the match together. Read many interesting novels in the mean time. Also some were very dull. I’ll discuss some of the books later. some of them are ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘Cry of the Halidon’ by Robert Ludlum, ‘Case of the careless cupid’ by Earle Stanely Gardner [the creator of the famous criminal lawyer Perry Mason], ‘The man in the Iron Mask’ by alexander Dumas, ‘The Wind in the willows’ by Kenneth Graham ……

Within two days of coming here I saw two movies ‘Lakshya’ a Hindi film starring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta also the first installment of Matrix trilogy, ‘The Matrix’. I was not interested in that movie when everyone went to see that. But after hearing the story I wanted badly to see that. Now I’ll see the remaining parts soon.

Gotta go now

Its Placement time and everyone is anxious about a job.