Some economic aspects of FOSS

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Yesterday we had discussions about the FOSS model and its various aspects. Tojin analysed the economic aspect and he says

There are so many people working in the proprietary software industry and if there is only FOSS out there so many people are gonna lose jobs. Now both proprietary and free software needs service and so the effects cancels. The jobs of developers will not be there and the economy suffers. He argues that only if the money changes hands the country benifits. Also he thinks it is sinister about the way GNU/Linux is distributed, he says it has made so complx that they need to go to experts everytime.

He is not thinking about the obvious advantages. In a country like India we cannot afford to pay a huge amount of money on softwares. They are completely ignoring the points of technical fitness of the software developed. They still think of the FOSS as something like this

>> A company develops a product and give away that for free (download) and asks how the developers get money ?

They completely ignores that FOSS is a process not a product in which lots of people around the world and it is centered around the end user.
Other argument is that anyway we are getting windows and linux free (pirated in case of windows) and all things that could be done with windows can be done with windows and there is no point in moving away from windows.

They don’t think piracy is not a problem, as long as they don’t come to you and arrest they think they are safe. It is like you don’t hesitate to steal if you are sure you won’t be cought. Also they neglect the social aspect (but the former point nullifies this). Anyway you are ready to give it to your friend so the social aspect doesn’t matter anymore.

the discussion continues ….
Some one give me an answer to the economic aspect (the loss of jobs and affecting the economy)

Wonderful wheather ! FLOSS Meet a grand success

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Today the weather was really romantic ! It drizzled and it seemed to rain at any time. I am very happy after the floss meet, it was simply great. Everyone appreciated our efforts and we hope this will trigger discussions in the campusand in the society around. We had heated discusions yesterday with friends and in the class there were some arguments over matlab and octave (I missed it as it is a Monday!). All the sessions were great and every one here are gonna be pythonistas 🙂 kudos to Swaroop and Pradeep, we had a very nice introduction to the pythonic way of thinking .. like explicit is better than implicit, beautiful is better than ugly …..
The Chitnis talk was excellent, his explanations were clear and simple and he had great analogies. Shanker Balan talked about ‘the devil‘s side of open source’. He talked about the BSD Operating syatem and its features. Yesterday we had trekking in Tusharagiri with Swaroop and Pradeep. It was a nice experience as they talked about the IT life and plus and minus about the coding life. Ckeck out Dilpu’s Blog for more inside stories.
Thanks a lot for the speakers who found time to come here and make this event a grand success. Also to KP Mohandas sir, Rajagopal sir, ATM sir, Pathari sir, Amal, Shyam, Tojin and all our juniors Ashwin, Jove, Pullat, Jithu, Bipin, Mathews, Hains …… who were with me and Dilpu to make this a memorable one.

Blog entries for the meet

Swaroop CH
Atul Chitnis
Shanker Balan
Pradeep Kishore Gowda
Dilip V
Arun Sivanandan

Also the slides of Atul Chitnis’ presentation is available at
‘Introducing Opensource & Opensource in India’
And Pradeep’s and Swaroop’s presentation is available at
‘Slither away with Python’.

Note: Photos of Thusharagiri trip is in Swaroop’s blog [After the meet on Sunday Dilip and me with Pradeep and Swaroop went for trekking at Thusharagiri]
Update: Check this blog

and see the pics
1. Swaroop’s http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/g2swaroop/album?.dir=9c25
2. Priya’s http://girlwithbigeyes.blogspot.com/2005/01/trip-to-tusharagiri.html


Nice days at home

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It was a wonderful break after the exams and I really enjoyed and relaxed. I went home on Thursay after the exams got over. Friday I celebrated Eid with Sabeel and today after Birthday celebration of my cousine Vrinda, I’m in a very happy and jolly mood. I left college at 5 pm and reched home by 8. Every time I go home, I used to listen to my favorite hindi songs. I had recorded a 90 casette with my favorite songs [Saajan, 1942 a love story, Dilse, Bombay …]. I used to play this casette minimum 2 to 3 times. Some time back when the type recorder was not in good condition the casette got its toll, it got wringles but still could play. This time I was a sort of trouble shoot guy, I opened up the case and played with it and it almost become useless, but now it plays any how 🙂 Now I am not going to record any casettes :-), It’s CDs now ! I got my first CD of songs from Dilpu [I converted the mp3’s to ogg, which is a free format, though it took 1MB more for each song for same qulaity (if we convert from wav ,ogg has better compression and quality), freedom is important than convenience!]

Then my neighbor wanted to set their cable channels, they were not getting all the channels. The remote wasn’t that user-friendly, with some effort of trial and error I found out were they had the search opton. After getting all the channels they want all the Malli channels in stating [1, 2 …]. So I had to set it manually [Though I tried to check for a swap option, I couldn’t find any]. Also I set a child lock on F TV 🙂

Then my uncle Bose wanted to setup the VCR, it was not automatically detected in TV/Video mode. So I tried to search and got it in UHF band. It was tough as the language was not English that time. I had the manul with me and somehow I manged to set it to English.

I’ll write about these later

Gotta go now


Exams — come and gone [going]

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Just another exam to go and I’ll be leaving for home tomorrow. Not much to write these days. It is not my style to study for the exams [I used to attend classes and take notes during the starting of the course and got nice marks. Now when I started bunking marks also gone — Hope not to bunk too many classes now]. Anyway yesterday I ‘visited’ our reading room.

I’ll be meeting Sabeel at home, he’ll be coming home for Bakrid. We’ve been learning parellel from LKG [sometimes I leave the school to join him after some years and sometimes he leave the school to join after some years]. LKG, UKG we were in the same class. Then 1 – 2 we moved to the same school, for third I left and joined him in 7th in another school[GOHSS Edathanattukara — I call it e-kara:-)] he left in 8th and 11th [last Pre Degree batch in MES Kalladi College] we were in the same college but this time he chose Biology while I chose Maths. Then after first year he chose to go with maths and left our college and joined in Plus Two. Now I’m here in NITC and he is in CET.

Today we took print out of our modified poster. Also today me and Amal Dev called Arun of FSF. We hope to have a stall of FSF T-shirts for our floss conference. Now we’ve to setup an online registration form for it [we use plone so we’ll have to learn how to do it — fortunately has offered to help]. I’ll have to wait till I come back from home.

Today I read some nice blogs from links of my friends. Blogging is a wonderful thing and when you get comments you feel great satisfaction! Yesterday I’ve been playing with wikipedia and added some content about glugc, tricalzone and some links added to FLOSS [our meet page] and to NIT Calicut …. Also today in spymac all mutual frieds invitations are accepted. Today Dilpu got an orkut [It is one social networking site from google like tickle] invitation. I’ll be getting one soon.

How to make a pravi

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How to make a pravi

1 part success

5 parts humour

1 part beauty
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Add a little lovability if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com


Power failure in LJ

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Due to power failure LJ was down for some hours, and seems its ok now. Saturday after waking up by 2pm I was with muneer playing in his computer. He has been writng vcds from Tom & Jerry movie (avi) files. I corrected one file using mencoder so that he could use it with nero, there seemed to be some problem with avi headders and even divx player was not able to play the file correctly (Windows media player didn’t play at all, and vlc superbly played it without any problem). I just copied the video and audio streams and created a new file and divx player was able to play it correctly. I played with ubuntu live cd [Muneer didn’t yet agreed to install GNU/Linux – Once we tried Novell Linux Desktop but since it didn’t recognise his keyboard he deleted the linux partition from windows and he had to reinstall xp :-)]

Yester day we were busy with designing “poster for the floss meet. First Shyam and me designed a basic out line [based on dilpu‘s design] and then we modified it with Dilpu and Tojin. Today I managed to wake up early and attended first hour [probably first time in this sem on a Monday].

Dipu told me our site is listed in google. I’ve got to try it now.
ANN is free today.
Bye then


Long saga ended with a happy note!

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And there after they lived happily ever:-)

Yes I’m talking about gee-lug-see website. It is up and running for real. Check it out http://glugc.nitc.ac.in. Beat me up, if you are not able to see the site. For some days we were trying to sort out what the problem was, suddenly today everything was clear, the cloud moved away and sky is clear! The problem was not Bill Gates [I guess may be Steve Jobs has somethings with its since it was the problem of ‘Mac’]. The mac address given in gateway was not matching with the mac address of the machine. When I told Vinod that using visualroute we traced it till the internet backbone and the packet lost after 12 hops. I remembered that it resolved the ip for glugc.nitc.ac.in and then Vinod told then that the problem will be with the gateway. We searched the configuration files and alas ! the mac address was not maching and god’s grace when he changed it everything was right and cyberspace.org showed our site for the first time:-)

Can a day be as successful as this !!!!!

Today Tojin joined gee-lug-see and he is going to install GNU/Linux in his new computer [when he gets one]. Now our site will run on Plone…… aaaaaaaaaaa.eeeeeeeeeee.oooooooooooooooooooooo……..


Also today IBM Ace center offered sponsorship for the floss day.

When teachers became students

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It was a great experience to be a teacher when the students are teachers !!!! We became teachers and the teachers of REC GVHSS became our students. We started out training programme by NSS today with a positive note. Both enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the next class. It will have to be after the sessionals. First one of them introdused us to the others. Today Jas (Jithu from s4 CSE, others with me were Bipin and Sree Kumar, both from s4, the former being compsci and the latter ece) started withe the basics of computers from Von Neumann model. We were a bit anxious as to how teachers might feel about the technical stuff we are gonna present. At some points of the class we were worried about the reaction from teachers. All our worries (and theirs 🙂 were over when I instructed Jas to show how to login. Then we just helped them with the usage, whatever they asked we just helped them do. Some wanted to customise the desktop, some wanted to know how to search for more material on eye in the net, some others wanted to know how to open cds and burn cds, and on and on ….

But I was not satified then, I was looking for GNU stuff. I stopped grub from booting directly to window$ 98 and booted to Redhat GNU/Linux 9 with kernel 2.4. But it wasn’t easy as no one ever used it and they didn’t knew the password. But it was a simple thingfor me, I just rebooted to the single user mode and removed the root password !!! and added a guest user with no password. Also I changed the timout from 10 second to a minute before booting. Now I’ve to help them shed their fear about GNU/linux. Some of the teachers are interested in GNU/Linux others don’t care what it is. We are gonna prepare the slides in Open Office and we’ll stress on GNU/Linux [there is no point in recruiting for M$]. Juniors were impressed and now they’ll be trying it on their friends’ comps 🙂 [the single user thing]. So every hackers out there, this is a big and effective chance for us to spread the word of GNU to the masses,

>>>>>>> GO TO SCHOOLS !!! >>>>>>

[Many a teacher complaint that nobody teach them GNU/Linux. Rajagopaln sir briefed the other day about a plan to help teachers in schools]

After the session, which we started by 4 and ended by 6.30. We had tea in canteen and discussed the general situation and now we have to prepare according to their feedbacks. It was a really a wonderfull experience.

I have not buncked any hour today or yesterday. Infact Thursday and Friday I have full attendence. It seems it takes three days more for me to finish the weekend :-). Also today we send the NSS programme reports and our contribution towards Prime Minister’s relief fund and mainly camp report. Oh! I got another pack of 10 ubuntu today cds [It is free in every meaning, free as in freedom as well as free as in free lunch -just order your cds at their site (this is my second pack, I already got 20 cds at home :-)]. then we have a 3 hour Charlie Chaplin movie show as part of ‘Mental Relaxation’. It is going on, but I didn’t go [As I felt relaxed after a nice sssion with GVHSS teachers]. Now I feel that, after all, ‘all those hours spent in cc is not that waste’, someone is gaining from my loss [whatever you gain something else you lose as someone said].

It has been very long and I guess your boredom is over. Thanks for reading this.

First Free Software Magazine

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Sopport this project http://www.freesoftwaremagazine.com/

Start preparing articles TODAY! Spread the word world aroud ! Mail about it in all the groups you joined. I’m just doing that.

Site moved temoparily

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We temporarily moved our meet website to NITC main site. The old problem still persist and we are trying hard to sort it out. It seems some problem with the ip address, when we traced the site it terminated at internet back bone and reported packet missing after 12 hops. [We are doubtful whether Bill Gates ‘black hands’ are behind this ! He might have bribed the BSNL to blck our site !!!]

Yesterday I got some more answers to plone problems and now I know how to add nice tabs. Check our site once we launch it.

Fot the time being the link is

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