Another year started

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Yesterday (or rather today) I woke up at 9 (early for a holiday, even week days I won’t be up by 9!). I gave YOPER and OpenCd to the canteen guy so that Dr. Felix could have it when he pass by Canteen. We have been exchanging cds for some time (It started with ubuntu), he gave me Suse 9.2 and I gave him Fedora 3, Mandrake 10.1, Novell Linux 9, Kalango 3.0 …

Then I went to arrange furnitures to our new NSS room. It was Pattabmi’s (Our ex sec and our motivation) dream to have a room and a site. First thing over, second we are working (already have an old site http://web.nitc.ac.in/nss, but it is not updated for long. We hope to have it by this week (at least a main part of it), we use plone for it. We plan to give a login for each so that second years (who has NSS as a course) can check their attendences, also we can have discussions. Then we discussed our Tsunami relief plan with Jayakumar Sir (who is our programme Officer). The idea is something like adopting a family and give educational support for say till 10th.

Today I tried OpenOffice 2.0 preview, its really good (It has got a wizard to convet all M$ documents in a directory to OpenOfiice templates). It has many options which the M$ counter part lacks like built in export wizards to swf (flash) and pdf. We played with Dilpu’s comp. Now he is reinstalling XP. Now we’re gonna have Debian and Fedora in that. Now this late I came to cc for Muneer to write cds. His favorite thing is downloading and mobiles (ring tones and sms. In sms.ac you need to have a mobile to get free credits and one mobile can be used only once so what he do is go to some chat site get their mobile numbers give it and then ask the confirmation number and sign up ! He has now many logins ! Lately he told he signed up with an American number !).

New year eve was party time for compsci’s and tricals in F. When we where going to hostel from CC. Many Gulties wished us New Year. Nothing speacial happened for new year. Everything same as it used to be on a normal day.

When I look back to the last year so many things happened

– NSS sec and the memorable special camp
– Placement in HP
– Collection of Linux cds
– Penfriends
– Preperation for a GNU/Linux conference (still going on) The inspiration came from Linux Bangalore which Dilip attended

and so many other things some happy and some sad moments

Another leaf has fell down from the tree of time
Looking forward to a wonderful year

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