When teachers became students

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It was a great experience to be a teacher when the students are teachers !!!! We became teachers and the teachers of REC GVHSS became our students. We started out training programme by NSS today with a positive note. Both enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the next class. It will have to be after the sessionals. First one of them introdused us to the others. Today Jas (Jithu from s4 CSE, others with me were Bipin and Sree Kumar, both from s4, the former being compsci and the latter ece) started withe the basics of computers from Von Neumann model. We were a bit anxious as to how teachers might feel about the technical stuff we are gonna present. At some points of the class we were worried about the reaction from teachers. All our worries (and theirs 🙂 were over when I instructed Jas to show how to login. Then we just helped them with the usage, whatever they asked we just helped them do. Some wanted to customise the desktop, some wanted to know how to search for more material on eye in the net, some others wanted to know how to open cds and burn cds, and on and on ….

But I was not satified then, I was looking for GNU stuff. I stopped grub from booting directly to window$ 98 and booted to Redhat GNU/Linux 9 with kernel 2.4. But it wasn’t easy as no one ever used it and they didn’t knew the password. But it was a simple thingfor me, I just rebooted to the single user mode and removed the root password !!! and added a guest user with no password. Also I changed the timout from 10 second to a minute before booting. Now I’ve to help them shed their fear about GNU/linux. Some of the teachers are interested in GNU/Linux others don’t care what it is. We are gonna prepare the slides in Open Office and we’ll stress on GNU/Linux [there is no point in recruiting for M$]. Juniors were impressed and now they’ll be trying it on their friends’ comps 🙂 [the single user thing]. So every hackers out there, this is a big and effective chance for us to spread the word of GNU to the masses,

>>>>>>> GO TO SCHOOLS !!! >>>>>>

[Many a teacher complaint that nobody teach them GNU/Linux. Rajagopaln sir briefed the other day about a plan to help teachers in schools]

After the session, which we started by 4 and ended by 6.30. We had tea in canteen and discussed the general situation and now we have to prepare according to their feedbacks. It was a really a wonderfull experience.

I have not buncked any hour today or yesterday. Infact Thursday and Friday I have full attendence. It seems it takes three days more for me to finish the weekend :-). Also today we send the NSS programme reports and our contribution towards Prime Minister’s relief fund and mainly camp report. Oh! I got another pack of 10 ubuntu today cds [It is free in every meaning, free as in freedom as well as free as in free lunch -just order your cds at their site (this is my second pack, I already got 20 cds at home :-)]. then we have a 3 hour Charlie Chaplin movie show as part of ‘Mental Relaxation’. It is going on, but I didn’t go [As I felt relaxed after a nice sssion with GVHSS teachers]. Now I feel that, after all, ‘all those hours spent in cc is not that waste’, someone is gaining from my loss [whatever you gain something else you lose as someone said].

It has been very long and I guess your boredom is over. Thanks for reading this.

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