Ragam last day

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Rgam 2005 ends today — our last Ragam as students of NITC [I hope it will be :-)]. This has been my fourth Ragam. The memories [or was it a nightmare ?] of the first Ragam is still there [and it’ll be there whenever I hear the word Ragam]. A foolish act, which could have resulted in my arrest and first police case [Hey I’m serious]. The incident goes like this >>

One guy with a black T-shirt comes to us [Robin and Vineeth Menon were also with me]. He asks for my ID card [I dunno why he chose me — I guess only I had the Ragam T-shirt]. He said his friend is waiting outside and since he don’t have a pass he needs an ID to get his friend inside. I was confused and didn’t thought of the consequences but wouldn’t have given, had my friends didn’t give me the confidence [or whatever you call it]. Read the rest of this entry »


Ragam 2005

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Today is the third day of Ragam. Yesterday I went to see the movie spoof which Priya judged and Anthakshari (malayalm) for which my classmates Arun Titto and Vipin S Nair’s team got second place (It was very interesting and they lost by only a single point). Then there was Western Orchestra, Group dance which I didn’t go.

The we watched a malayalam movie ‘English mediam’, it is taken in a peculiar way that it is not very comfortable except the last parts. It has a social them but the way it portayed DPEP often make you sick.

Now I’m writing this from my friend Nidhin’s room (133/F), yeah we have internet in hostels now !!! Our entire campus is WiFi enabled and one machine with WiFi card is connected to the local intranet of our hostel.


I doubt a conspiracy !

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Today I woke up ‘early’ and was ready for the second hour, and alas ! when I went to the class there was first hour and third, fourth and fifth hour was free. I see a conspiracy to keep me away from the class. I have got some clues as to who are behind it ! So be careful ! Other conspirators are Mess managers. They don’t want me to take break fast so whenever [read rare:-)] I wake up ‘early’ and go to mess, I’ll be greeted with bread and I don’t like it a bit. So whenever I wake up early I only see people against me;-) So how can anyone blame me for not being up in the morning;-)

Then I really got a good number of entries in my address book [in which I collect contacts of all my classmates]. Lab was interesting today, as I wrote the rough record [Thank God I got three hours free today, I am now confidant that whoever conspires me will be defeated since God is with me:-)]. Today we had Micro processor 8085 and its interfacing with the 8255 port and 8279 display controller. Today we had a new adhoc Vinod VJ from Irinjalakkuda [same place of Muneer KM and Pramod KC]. He seemed to be a funda in the beginning and it seems he knows things too. Anyway it was interesting [for the first time in this sem] and he wanted us to do the remaining tomorrow;-) heee… heee … [Ragam and starts tomorrow and we have to do the labs]

I started hacking on plone and apache again. For Ragam site I changed permissions to some of the system directories [It was a work around] and ssh was not working, I corrected it and now trying to fix the plone problem, it is not yet up and I want it desperately. [I changed the ownership and group of /var to ragam so that ragam site could be updated without my intervention, since I couldn’t setup the server root to /web , which is another partition]. Now I changed back the ownership to root and set ragam user home to /var/www/html/ragam ]. Now things [apache, ssh …] are working but dunno how to get plone back to wroking state [I changed ownership and group to plone of /var/lib/plone2]. nmap don’t list 8080 nor does it list 80, but apache is running and ragam site is accessible.
The error is

502 Proxy Error

Proxy Error

The proxy server received an invalid
response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Apache/2.0.52 (Fedora) Server at glugc.nitc.ac.in Port 81

I’ll try it with plone users group and if I don’t get an answer I’ll take a back up of the data base and re-install plone;-)

Well bye for now


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Two years ago on a VALENTINE’S DAY I wrote this

Every February 14 goes without much special things and I think the next VALENTINE’S DAY will be different 😉 This time also I hope it will be different next time;-)


NSS Annual meet

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I attended the 5th annual meet of NSS Technical cell under the Directorate of Technical education (Kerala) on 12th and 13th Feb, ie yesterday and today [I’m just back in college with a happy mood after enjoying every moment I spent there]. representatives [or Ambassadors as Khalith sir, the Programme co-ordinator the call it] of students of Engineering colleges and polytechnics from all over Kerala. [There are 1 lakh and 10 thousand NSS volunteers across Kerala] Read the rest of this entry »


Garland — A meeting point of cultures across the nation

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Today we [NSS family at NIT C] had our cultural programme Garland. It is a platform to showcase the various unique cultural and art forms of different parts of our country. We are very lucky to be in this college where we can mingle with persons from every part of India and get a feeling of the ‘Unity in diversity’ — the principle that bonds all of us together. Read the rest of this entry »


Classes :-)….. Gnome Mines … orkut …. joining date confirmation … blogs…

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Well I’ve attended 11 hours without any bunks 🙂 Two back-to-back iDrives of Misha Mam [During which we got two notices one for class committee meeting for Dhanya and Bhagyanath another to Siva Kumar who was elected to the DCC {Not District Congress Committe 🙂 but Department Consulting Committe} dunno what it gonna make a difference:-)]. After noon I completed 99 mines level of Gnome Mines [It has become a new craze I guess — I also got Thennavan into playing it]. Then I just explored orkut and joined in a lot of communities [Free Software, Python, Gnome to name some]. As usual I missed the tea from Mess [now eating from D mess — Also called Tiger mess because every day there is chicken and sometimes it is seems raw, as if they are feeding Tigers Courtecy:Rajesh]. Came across some good blogs too. Blog lines Rulz[ Now Ask Jeeves aquired it and there was a lot of doubts about its future but they reassured with their news feed. Then I had to get the Ragam site registration form working. It was my old perl script which I wrote for last Ragam [Well this years Ragam is from 16 to 19]. After the she-bang line I left two blank lines and it showed error!!! And the mailing failed so the details are now stored in a file.

Then I had dinner. Today it was chilly-chicken or as they call it — anyway it was very chilly and I didn’t take chappathis [I don’t like Porotas too after eating from here and I hate bread, the two eatables with the wheat is Puri and Alu Porota, by deafult all rice items I like, puttu especially (that’s how I came across this and eventually got one orkut invitation]. Then me with VR and Mondal and Thavu [my future colleages] came to CC to sent in the confirmation to join the job [HP GDIC]. Then went through some interesting blogs
Atul Chitnis on American way of thinking
Flame war Gnome Vs KDE with Swaroop
Dilpu’s Musings on teaching
Arunima talks about love

And many more

I dunno how I gonna be up for tomorrow (I don’t bunk on Thursdays or Fridays)


A birthday without a difference

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Well I turned 21 [Legally licenced to marry :-)] this sunday [6th Feb] [Infact my actual birthday as by the Malayalam calender is 12th]. It was a normal day without I even realising that it is my birthday. I knew it is my birthday when I opened my mail box and saw happy birthday wishes from fedoraforums and ubuntuforums [I guess both use the same software].
Then yesterday I saw a romantic musical comedy ‘Everyone says I love you’, except for the occational songs it was a relaxing movie. Today I attended classes [after some days of ‘whole-morning-bunks’]. Misha mam called and wanted me to attend all the coming classes [Pungan — Anoop Bhagyanath is also like me 🙂 for attendence only. when I wake up by 10 or 12 I used to see him there too 🙂 but when the marks come he is the topper]. Well gotta go now I’ve a class 🙂


so many Malayali blogs

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Today I happened to see a list of blogs by keralites [It has a list of mine — Dilpu‘s, ‘s, Ayyappadas‘s ….]. The full list here

Yesterday we [me and Titto] saw junoon — a hindi movie starring Rahul Roy and Pooja Bhat. The villain of the story go for hunting in a forest on a full moon day against the advice of the people there. He got killed by a Tiger and he gets his life back but to be a Tiger every night after the next full moon and kill anyone every night. He falls in love with the Doctor (Pooja Bhat) and marries her by trick. Now the hero and heroine get to know about the killings and they plan to eliminate the villain. Not a good movie and I don’t recommend anyone to see it. I dunno where from Titto gets all these psycho movies.


Weekend …. Movies ….. and music

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The main CC was down yester day because the UPS got burned, and it was up only today morning. Well yesterday I saw two movies ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Kadal’. The first one was a great thriller and a ‘must-watch’ and the other is a movie which portrait reality [It is a Tamil movie], and it is very different and very disturbing to say the least. The Italian Job has all the ingradients to keep you hooked to the seat.
Yesterday night Arun Titto called me and asked me to try something to play the vcd which didn’t open in Windows XP. I simply tried mplayer vcd://1 and it played smoothly. Titto was amazed and he is now a fan of the GNU/Linux box [powered by the first ever distro — the powerful slackware]. Now about the movie, it is a love story [a normal love story] but pictured in a very different way [Infact I won’t recommend anyone to see it — After all you see a movie to relax, if you’re not this type then go and watch it]. The story is very much slow paced and test your patience. We, me, Titto and Jayadev had to try hard not to leave before it ended.
Then I’ve completed a major chink of the fair record with the help of xmms and mplayer in xavier’s computer running slackware [It was my favorite at that time and I installed it on 4 of my friends computer and I had to configure every part of the system to get it working — I strongly recommend this to everyone who really want to learn the hacker’s way [It is called ahckers distro] you have to configure sound, graphics card, run level ….. [and without any wizards help — just the command line] the partition to be done using cfdisk [or fdisk for more challenging] then alsaconfig, X configuration [Infact I got a great chance to learn what happens under the hood and really make it the way I wanted [they give the gnome, kde …. as is given by the developers — unlike redhat or suse ppl who configure everything for you]

Review of The Italian Job in IMDB
Cinesouth has a review of kadal

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