so many Malayali blogs

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Today I happened to see a list of blogs by keralites [It has a list of mine — Dilpu‘s, ‘s, Ayyappadas‘s ….]. The full list here

Yesterday we [me and Titto] saw junoon — a hindi movie starring Rahul Roy and Pooja Bhat. The villain of the story go for hunting in a forest on a full moon day against the advice of the people there. He got killed by a Tiger and he gets his life back but to be a Tiger every night after the next full moon and kill anyone every night. He falls in love with the Doctor (Pooja Bhat) and marries her by trick. Now the hero and heroine get to know about the killings and they plan to eliminate the villain. Not a good movie and I don’t recommend anyone to see it. I dunno where from Titto gets all these psycho movies.

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