A birthday without a difference

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Well I turned 21 [Legally licenced to marry :-)] this sunday [6th Feb] [Infact my actual birthday as by the Malayalam calender is 12th]. It was a normal day without I even realising that it is my birthday. I knew it is my birthday when I opened my mail box and saw happy birthday wishes from fedoraforums and ubuntuforums [I guess both use the same software].
Then yesterday I saw a romantic musical comedy ‘Everyone says I love you’, except for the occational songs it was a relaxing movie. Today I attended classes [after some days of ‘whole-morning-bunks’]. Misha mam called and wanted me to attend all the coming classes [Pungan — Anoop Bhagyanath is also like me 🙂 for attendence only. when I wake up by 10 or 12 I used to see him there too 🙂 but when the marks come he is the topper]. Well gotta go now I’ve a class 🙂

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