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Well I’ve attended 11 hours without any bunks 🙂 Two back-to-back iDrives of Misha Mam [During which we got two notices one for class committee meeting for Dhanya and Bhagyanath another to Siva Kumar who was elected to the DCC {Not District Congress Committe 🙂 but Department Consulting Committe} dunno what it gonna make a difference:-)]. After noon I completed 99 mines level of Gnome Mines [It has become a new craze I guess — I also got Thennavan into playing it]. Then I just explored orkut and joined in a lot of communities [Free Software, Python, Gnome to name some]. As usual I missed the tea from Mess [now eating from D mess — Also called Tiger mess because every day there is chicken and sometimes it is seems raw, as if they are feeding Tigers Courtecy:Rajesh]. Came across some good blogs too. Blog lines Rulz[ Now Ask Jeeves aquired it and there was a lot of doubts about its future but they reassured with their news feed. Then I had to get the Ragam site registration form working. It was my old perl script which I wrote for last Ragam [Well this years Ragam is from 16 to 19]. After the she-bang line I left two blank lines and it showed error!!! And the mailing failed so the details are now stored in a file.

Then I had dinner. Today it was chilly-chicken or as they call it — anyway it was very chilly and I didn’t take chappathis [I don’t like Porotas too after eating from here and I hate bread, the two eatables with the wheat is Puri and Alu Porota, by deafult all rice items I like, puttu especially (that’s how I came across this and eventually got one orkut invitation]. Then me with VR and Mondal and Thavu [my future colleages] came to CC to sent in the confirmation to join the job [HP GDIC]. Then went through some interesting blogs
Atul Chitnis on American way of thinking
Flame war Gnome Vs KDE with Swaroop
Dilpu’s Musings on teaching
Arunima talks about love

And many more

I dunno how I gonna be up for tomorrow (I don’t bunk on Thursdays or Fridays)

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