Garland — A meeting point of cultures across the nation

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Today we [NSS family at NIT C] had our cultural programme Garland. It is a platform to showcase the various unique cultural and art forms of different parts of our country. We are very lucky to be in this college where we can mingle with persons from every part of India and get a feeling of the ‘Unity in diversity’ — the principle that bonds all of us together.

Today the first years had the chance to present their unique cultural feasts to the entire college. It was regularly conducted before and then it was not there last two years [Last time it was there was when we were freshers]. It had colurful dances like Garba or Gujarat, Thiruvathirakkali of Kerala … Bangada dance from Panjab got everyone dancing with the tunes. The programme was superb but sometimes the response from the audience was not good. I think we are losing tolerance and a mind to appreciate good of others.
[I’ll be posting the photos soon. Update:Photos posted]

The only drawback was that, the entire hall was filled and many didn’t get a seat to sit and we had to bring more chairs. Actually we booked the Aryabhata hall [The largest of the three halls of the New Lecture Complex] but since our Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is visiting our college tomorrow and the hall was arranged for that [The police security check was over and it was locked]. [He is coming to our college to lay the foundation stone to the new Computer complex.]

Also this Saturday and Sunday there is Annual meet of NSS and we’ll be leaving for the programme on Saturday morning. This is my third consecutive Annual meet, the first one as a host and the second one last time in TKM Engg college Kollam and this time it is going to be in Royal Engg College Thrissur.

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Update:Got another tricalzone blogger [my future colleage] Praveen Kumar VR

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