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I attended the 5th annual meet of NSS Technical cell under the Directorate of Technical education (Kerala) on 12th and 13th Feb, ie yesterday and today [I’m just back in college with a happy mood after enjoying every moment I spent there]. representatives [or Ambassadors as Khalith sir, the Programme co-ordinator the call it] of students of Engineering colleges and polytechnics from all over Kerala. [There are 1 lakh and 10 thousand NSS volunteers across Kerala]

we met on Friday evening and discussed the plans and documents and other things to be taken along with. we planned to start our journey by 6am on Saturday. I woke up on Saturday morning by 5am and was ready by 6am. After having break fast from calicut we resumed journey. We were not sure of the exact location of the college, we had to stop in place and enquire about the college, we had to board the bus again and resume journey after realizing that the place is not reached. There was a welcome board and we reached Akkikavu by 10am. We met Shri. K.U. Unnimohiyudheen, Joint director of Technical Education and father of my classmate Muneer. Still there was 2 km to go to reach the college. We started walking and caught college bus in between and reached our destination — Royal College of Engineering and Technology.

I met Sophia and Shameer of Govt. Poly Palakkad whom I met during last Annual meet in TKM. We registered our units and the programme started with flag hoisting by 10.30am. the inaugural session started at 11am. There are 71 institutions under the technical cell of which 16 engineering colleges and 43 polytechnics. The welcome address was by Shri. K.A. Kalith, the programme co-ordinator of NSS technical cell. He stressed on the theme of NSS ‘Youth for Swatchhatha’.
The inaugural address was by Prof. S.K. Mohan who is the director of Technical education. He was former HOD of Computer Science Department of GEC Thrissur. Then the talk by Shri. K. Rajendran, asst. Programme adviser, NSS regional centre, Thiruvananthapuram was very inspiring and sought introspection from all the audience. These are some points he stressed. NSS is the largest youth movement of Asia, it has 24 lakh volunteers across India which is spanned across 9000 institutions. the number of voluneers when we started was 40,000. Purpose of Education is to prepare one to face the challenges of life and today many have the knowledge and information but lack skill and technique for life. the skills neaded for life include communication skills, personality and maintenance of relation ships. NSS gives proper linkage of institutions with the community. It gives a chance to do some service and develop personality. Once we move out of the campus, what we need is boldness and courage to face the challenges of life. He said that the government is least bothered about how much money is spent but it is bothered about how much minds are cleaned. Gone are the days NSS meant only cleaning, of course we do cleaning, but we learn problems of people and show concern, compassion and care. It is time to elevate the status on NSS. We do cleaning to teach people. Also he had some grievences on the curent setup of NSS. According to him the entire amount alotted for regular activities are not spent on regular activities. Also he invited proposals for national levl programmes.

The next talk was by Prof. P.K. Muhammed, Co-ordinator, NSS TOC, Kalamassery. He is a renowned Ghandian. According to him the mission of NSS is to prepare a group of leaders with deep rooted social value. Man behaves in the service of need and it is known as primitive communism. In those days there was only limited needs and there was equality in happiness. With the beginning of agriculture the inequalities started. When we started producing more than what needed, need was given way to greed and inequality in happiness was started there. Now it is more apt to say Man behaves in the service of greed. Competition has started and now there is no time for co-operation. Science is amoral and a political. Look at the history of man and we see the discoveries of destruction. And he quotes from Young world 1923 edition where Ghandiji wrote, science without humanity is not good. Then he goes o, technology is the art of making tools. Code of Hammurabi about 4000 years ago was first of its kind. He urged for professionals with social consciousness. He reminded us that our life is not for us alone. Not me alone but you also. [The same thing I sill remembers as he said it last time in TKM]

Then spoke (inaugural address) Prof. S.K Mohan, Director of technical education. He was HOD of CS deptment in GEC thrissur and principal of CET. He reminded us that society is spending a lot on us and make sure we know our responsibilty to the society.

Then the session entered to the next part, distribution of awards.
Govt. women’s polytechnic Calicut was given the award of the best NSS unit and Shri. Moosa Palakkal (of the same poly) was recognised as the best programme officer.
It was shared by IPT & Govt Polytechnic Palakkad and programme officer K.T. George.
Shameer of GPTC Palakkad and Sreeja from TCM central polytechnic was selected as the best volunteers.
Also T. Vijina of Calicut Poly, Anoop K das of Govt poly Thiroorangadi, Shanker Mohan of Swami Nithyananda Poly technic got special mentions.
Others who spoke at the event are
Shri P. Alassankutty, NSS state liaison officer
Shri Kurien Koshy Sr. Joint Direcr of Technical Education
Shri K.U. Unnimohiyudheen, joint director of technical education
Shri. KE Ashraf, MD, RCET
Dr. T.V. George, CE, RCET
Shri. Bhaskaran Pallikara, PTA president
Shri. C. Velapan, regional liason officer
Shri. Binil K Benny, Chairman Students Union RCET

and the vote of Thanks was given by the Principal of RCET Dr. M.K. Balakrishnan Nair.

Now there is a lot to write about the different session which was very interesting.

The main thing I value about it is the friends I got from it. It was my third annual meet, the first one as a host and second one in TKM college of Engineering last year. I met some of my friends I got during the last meet.

There was different sessions or classes on leadership skills and personality development. I enjoyed every session of it. Then we had a jauntis awareness programme in which we went to each home near the college where the meet is organised (Royal college of Engineering and Technology RCET, Akkikavu, Thrissur — a one year old self financing college) and gave notices with details about the desease and ways against the spreading of the disease. One activity we took part during this is chlorination of the water bodies there [One of the effective ways of distroying the virus is super chlorination].

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