Ragam 2005

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Today is the third day of Ragam. Yesterday I went to see the movie spoof which Priya judged and Anthakshari (malayalm) for which my classmates Arun Titto and Vipin S Nair’s team got second place (It was very interesting and they lost by only a single point). Then there was Western Orchestra, Group dance which I didn’t go.

The we watched a malayalam movie ‘English mediam’, it is taken in a peculiar way that it is not very comfortable except the last parts. It has a social them but the way it portayed DPEP often make you sick.

Now I’m writing this from my friend Nidhin’s room (133/F), yeah we have internet in hostels now !!! Our entire campus is WiFi enabled and one machine with WiFi card is connected to the local intranet of our hostel.

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