Ragam last day

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Rgam 2005 ends today — our last Ragam as students of NITC [I hope it will be :-)]. This has been my fourth Ragam. The memories [or was it a nightmare ?] of the first Ragam is still there [and it’ll be there whenever I hear the word Ragam]. A foolish act, which could have resulted in my arrest and first police case [Hey I’m serious]. The incident goes like this >>

One guy with a black T-shirt comes to us [Robin and Vineeth Menon were also with me]. He asks for my ID card [I dunno why he chose me — I guess only I had the Ragam T-shirt]. He said his friend is waiting outside and since he don’t have a pass he needs an ID to get his friend inside. I was confused and didn’t thought of the consequences but wouldn’t have given, had my friends didn’t give me the confidence [or whatever you call it]. So I gave that stranger [he told me that he was in Calicut and I don’t remember the place] my ID card [Now I remember it as a shock]. I was very much worried when that man didn’t come back with ID. I could not describe those moments. About half an hour later, there was an announcement in the OAT [the main venue of Ragam — this time they shifteed it to the Football ground], Praveen A, y1096, EEE please come near the stage. I was shivering and didn’t know what to do. I went to the stage and there was Dr. T.P Somasundaram, the Staff Adviser was waiting for me. He asked me for my ID. I tried to conseal what I did and told him, I lost it sir. Then he took and ID from his pocket and showed it to me. OOPS !! It was mine. I was relieved that I got my ID but all my relief was temporary when I was taken outside OAT and saw Sibi Chacko sir there. They started ‘interrogating me’, what is the connection between this guy and you ? How do you know him ? How long you know him ? ….. I told them again and again I don’t know this guy and I told my friends also wanted me to give im the ID, then he asked me to bring them also. They also supported me and they believed my words. Then Chacko sir told me that that guy was a criminal and was distributing Ganja in OAT with my ID card ! He was caught by police and want me also !!! If Chacko sir and Somasundaram sir wasn’t supporting me ? Oh ! I can’t think of it.

POLICE CRACKED GANJA MAFIA – REC STUDENT ARRESTED or something hot news of that sort would have been the result. So I would never forget Ragam especially the 2001 edition ‘Through the looking glass’. Then I missed the whole show [especially the fashion show] since the ID card was with Chacko sir and events in OAT needed ID for entry. I called home and told them all about it [I thought it would be better to tell them myself than hearing from the authorities]. Some days after the Ragam I got my ID card back.

PS: Chacko sir’s doubts again came alive when he saw me with Robin in Arun MS’ room [Robin was MS’ room-mate] during the roll call [first months of college we had roll call every night by some staff member]. But it was a mere co-incidence.

Yesterday we had M.G. Sreekumar [Malayalam playback singer] nite. Everyone enjoyed it. Today we’ve motherjane concert [rock show]. Me and Tojin just had a glance of it and came to CC.

Quotes from the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ [Courtecy:Dilpu]

Alicia: How big is the universe?
Nash: Infinite.
Alicia: How do you know?
Nash: I know because all the data indicates it’s infinite.
Alicia: But it hasn’t been proven yet.
Nash: No.
Alicia: You haven’t seen it.
Nash: No.
Alicia: How do you know for sure?
Nash: I don’t, I just believe it.
Alicia: It’s the same with love I guess.

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