Playing with Grub and Apache

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Today I’ve been playing with Grub [GRand Unified Bootloader] and Apache. In the cc the new computers are configured with GNU/Linux and Windows 2003 dual boot [it was a forced decision against our wish]. Now the windows machines got affected by virus [natural:-)], the staff reinstalled windows and it over-wrote mbr and we had to install grub again. We inserted the cd and botted with ‘linux rescue’ and got the command. But we got cheated by the offer ‘chroot /mnt/sysimage’ to use the old system the grub didn’t work at all!!!
Whenever we tried root (hd0, it showed error. Then we found out that the is no entry in /dev [later realised that /mnt/sysimage/dev after the chroot:-)]. Tried everything, searched google and Vijeesh me and VinMo tried different formats hd0, /dev/hda…. but nothing did work. then I rebooted and without the chroot got the grub prompt.
grub>root (hd0,7)
grub>setup (hd0)
It worked fine [Vijeesh knew this commands]

Today I saw a malayalam movie CID Moosa, a Dilip Comedy. And then they wanted to host ragam site on tux and I strted playing with apache. Now finally I managed with 80 nad 81 ports after some trail and error proceedures. The DocumentRoot was a problem and I managed it with a work-around, still got to figure out how to do it the right way which I want it to be.


Started hacking on FreeSBIE and experience with IT @ school

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I’ve downloaded FreeSBIE (A live cd based on Free BSD somedays before the flossmeet and tried it. It was so nice and I liked it. Today I got a chance to really go hacking it, when Shyam wanted to install it. We plugged the cd into the drive and booted off the cd and played around with it. Now Shyam has been looking for Free BSD to install in his comp. We checked Free BSD that came with Digit , but decided on FreeSBIE on two grounds.
1. Free BSD is 5.2.1 and FreeSBIE is based on Free BSD 5.3
2. The size difference was not much (two cds of Free BSD amounted to only 885MB) Read the rest of this entry »

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