Kodai Moments

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This weekend the tricalzone enjoyed their time at Kodaikkanal. It was a beautiful trip with lot of fun. We had boating, cycling, trekking, dancing … The 54 hour trip was a wonderful experience and it will remain in the memory for ever. We left the college on Friday evening (9pm) and we travelled the entire night and reached Kodai by Saturady morning 6am. After refreshment and breakfast we went to see the pillar rock. Since it was fully covered with fog, we couldn’t see the rock (We saw it when we came back to the same place for our trekking in the pine forest).
(terribly incomplete…)

See Dilpu’s Blog entry for the Kodai Trip


Hello world!

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Hey I got WordPress running. It is so cool! I got a shell account from rootshell.be with PHP enabled (you need to request for it) and then a mysql account from bizhostnet.com.

I have been blogging in LJ [ <lj user=”pravi”></lj>]and I really like it, but I had to part since wp gives me freedom and the flexibility. Now I have got a domain too pravi.co.nr.


The other side of patents

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This was a reply my friend Amar got from one of his friends. Thought it might be of interest.

[ All these discussions are available from the wiki http://bangalore.gnu.org.in/?Patents ]
The original mail was

Dear Friends,

Patents are a devious tool to harm developing countries’ development.
Not only will patents harm software; but will also lead to rise in
prices of medicines.[Read further for more info]

What you can do ?

a) Post this on your blog/website too if you have one
b) Email this to as many people as you know
c) Email to the Editor of various magazines, newspapers that we
don’t want patents
d) Email to the President of India and any political party in
India who has an email Read the rest of this entry »

Discussions about patents in fsf india mailing list

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There has been active discussions about the proposed changes in the fsf india mailing list. All this started with a mail by Ramraj with a subject ‘patents can kill people’ and which had a link to an article by Kuldip Nayyar with the title ‘ UPA, come out from the cold ‘ .

Now the summary is posted in FSUG-Bangalore wiki by Rakesh and access the page here

Now this mail is circulating all over the place. So mail this to all the people you know today.

It is for you and me and for the interest of everyone.


Hey someone writes abot me :-) It so cooool

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It is very interesting to see someone writing about me. I am very happy to see it.

It goes like this

On the FSF Friends mailing list, a few hours ago, Praveen A, has posted his experience on doing exactly what the panel at LinuxWorld stressed upon taking Linux to schools and with the advantage of a neutral courseware.

The books for Class 8th, 9th and 10th for the IT@School program in Kerala have the word GNU/Linux sprinkled everywhere. But when Praveen went to a nearby school for organizing a workshop for the teachers he learnt something that is all familiar the higher authorities try to avoid Linux by instructing the teachers to only teach Windows.

Praveen, for one, has decided to coach the willing teachers dueing the school vacation. Although its a start its not a solution in itself. There are larger issues as well as larger people to convince.

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SAMSKRiTi series -3 — Patents Continued

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PATENTS continuation

When the patent rule of 1970 is reformatted and brought as the new Patent
rule of 2004(yet to be implemented as a Rule, recently put up as an Ordinance):

1. Prices of medicines will rise almost 15 times.

2. Patent period is raised to 20 years.

3. Micro organisms will be patented.

4. Medicines from medicinal herbs will be patented by foreign companies. Read the rest of this entry »

My experiments with …

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Yesterday I protested in a novel way, I think nobody would have done and my friends (even myself) has different opinions and responses about it. Yesterday I managed to wake up by 7 O’clock [ A rare thing 🙂 ] and had a discussion with Prakash Peter on the way to PG mess about conducting a demo of phoenix in our Institution with Physics Department [Prakash Peter is lab assistant in Physics lab and he came to meet KSK to arrange for some programme for NSS. Previously we had gone to old age home together.] Read the rest of this entry »


SAMSKRiTi series -2 — Patent laws

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Upon time all of the industrialized nations have framed different ways to encourage various inventors in the industrial field. Some nations gave certificates which would help them to have economic gains, others gave bonus and cash awards. Even after all these the patent
rules which came in the early 19th century became the more prominent in case of the protection of industrial inventions as the time went on. Read the rest of this entry »

Changing rules of patents

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Yesterday we had a very interesting and important talk by Dr. K.P. Aravindan of Calicut Medical College who is an activist of kssp. He talked about various issues regarding the proposed patent law brought out as an ordinance. He started with the historical developments in the filed and talked about the the Paris Convention and the GATTS (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and the TRIPS (Trade related Intellectual Property rights) …. Only the elites of this country benefit from Globalisation and we, lucky to be in the elite, should rebel against it and make the benefits available to the masses of this country. Read the rest of this entry »


SAMSKRiTi series -1 — IS Rs. 29 = Rs. 2353 ?

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IS Rs. 29 = Rs. 2353 ?


Not any mathematical trick. Just compare the prices of some medicines given below.







* 10 No.)






* 10 No.)






* 10 No.)





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