Economics Seminar ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’ or a very eventful day

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Today I presented a seminar in Economics. Our group [Praveens — me, Praveen Kumar, Praveen Kumar VR and Praveen sebastian] got the topic ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’. I was supposed to take it on last Friday but I got it postponed to taday [It was an adjustment with Dhanya mam and Praveen Kumar to attend the renaissance 2005 at GECT Read my blog entry]. Yesterday was completely blank except the preparation for the seminar [I was browsing till 5 in the morning day before that — after a break of a week — and woke up by 12 noon (I missed Dilpu‘s Seminar in Industrial Drives too). After ‘brunch’ I was caught by the Gnome Mines — I used to complete the large board with 99 mines regularly, when I feel like relaxing — in fact you get tensed when you can’t complete it — I had to wait till 6 O’clock to complete one board — I was too disturbed, not able to concentrate — also it needs luck too lost many times in the nineties too, even 98 !]. I read about my topic share ‘Arguments in favour of protection’. I refered books by Dewet and Samuelson. Then I went to meet Tojin with a goal to discuss the topic, but we discussed many things from economics, environment, pollution, automobiles, department, college …. Shanker and Arun MS was also there. In the afternoon we saw a fierce debate between Karthik and Arun Titto on Motherjane Rock band, they performed at Ragam 2005. Tojin, me and VIP were spectators. It was very interesting to watch them fighting. Both trying to say their arguments are strong. [It was triggered when Titto told Motherjane is a local band and it cannot be compared with any rock band. Karthik asserted that they are a good band and they showed their mettle in the great Indian rock concert by winning it and their numbers are played in 14 radio stations in the US ]

Well lets come back to the seminar. Anyway there is a lot of active and vibrant and heated debates going on in Tricalzone in different topics like Free Software, Economics, Music, Films, history, religion…..

I woke up by 8.30 [First hour was free today] and was there before the teacher came to the class 🙂 [I’d have missed attendence if I was late — many didn’t get attendence because they were late — she noticed evryone and even sent people back who came late after 10 minutes].

I went to the platform and cleared the blackboard and took a choke from the table. I started reading from the paper. It was a hypthetical petition filed by Candle maker to the chamber of deputies to pass a law to keep all the windows and openings closed to keep their business profitable. The topic I got is very interesting and after the starting trouble I had a nice time discussing the arguments in favour of protection. There was no questions at all [Well I didn’t think of it too]. I felt relieved after it was over. Then Dhanya mam briefed the points of Free Trade and Protection and we had a live discussion there. There has been some arguments from Frank about the definition of dumping too.

Then me Habeeb and Tojin prepared a petition and went to meet Pdma Kumari mam. It was concerning the project evaluation and class treat … Next week we have sessional exams and after that we are going for a class trip to Munnar and Kodaikanal. It is going to be a really memorable class trip [last time we went to Ooty and only mallies were present that time, this time we ahve whole of tricalzone out there See the photos of the Ooty Trip].

Today seems very interesting day for me in the whole 4 years [A lot can ‘also’ in a day]. I went to the lab to do some project work [infact first time willingly and doing so
me stuff — at leat I read through the manual and found out the connections for opamp as a amplifier [we are used AD817 for our experiment — MS told it is a high fund thing and we don’t need that much, even in US people don’t use these :-). It could operate upto 3 Mhz ]

Then I attended NSS meeting on 5 O’clock. This time second years also came for the meeting. We discussed about the future activities of NSS and the role to be played by the Juniors. They are getting increased responsibilty as it has become an independant cell after delinking from the state cell. It has become 9th university cell in Kerla. Now we are directly under the MHRD. It is very heartening to see that lots of Juniors are interested in NSS now and I hope even after we leave here NSS will be here actively [The worry is attributed to it being an NIT, when we joined it was REC — and we can say we are the last REC batch, since we follwed the old system even after we became NIT, of course there is change the way old things are done now, but the real NIT batch started from our junior batch.] I appealed to them to consider the spirit of NSS as their first motive and not to just give 75 hours to the 2nd years. [Another change NIT brought to NSS is that it is now a compulsory credit course for one year during their second year course. Without NSS credit they won’t get a Btech certificate. (It may seem ironical to look at it as ‘compulsory volunteers’. In fact it is the old CSS (Compulsory social service) to be taken up by NSS. We had lots of debates at the inial period and now we see some advatages to the new system. It gives them a chance now.)

Then I went to the talk by Dr. K.P. Aravindan of Calicut Mediacl college and a KSSP (Kerala Sastra Sahtya Parishad ) activist conducted by Sanskriti on New Patent law and its impact on the society. Well I’m gonna write a separate entry for it. Also I’ll publish those notices put up by Sanskriti in our campus.
Series 1

It was a wonderful day altogether a lot of things in one day. Not yet the feeling that I ‘m leaving this campus which was my home the last 4 years is not sinked in my mind. The nostalgic feelings are coming. The good old CC with dumb monochrome terminals, the A mess, Ragam and the Ganja incident,NSS camps …..
Stoping now.

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