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Yesterday I protested in a novel way, I think nobody would have done and my friends (even myself) has different opinions and responses about it. Yesterday I managed to wake up by 7 O’clock [ A rare thing 🙂 ] and had a discussion with Prakash Peter on the way to PG mess about conducting a demo of phoenix in our Institution with Physics Department [Prakash Peter is lab assistant in Physics lab and he came to meet KSK to arrange for some programme for NSS. Previously we had gone to old age home together.]

So I was late by 10 minutes to the class. I asked Dhanya mam permission to enter tthe class and she said no. So I stood outside the class. KSK also was there with me and he also tried to enter the class she said no but he did enter, so does Tijo who came after me. It made me very angry so I thought I’d do something about it. I started walking to-and-from outside the class with economics notebook. Everyone in the class was looking me and laughing but I kept walking till the hour ended.

Economics is the only suject that is interesting this sem [I bunked a lot of classes of ANN and I cannot say about it now]. The reason is that you can relate it to your daily life and you never feel alien in the class even if you bunk a lot 🙂 [I never bunked any Thursady or Friday untill recently, now no descrination for any subject or teacher or day of week for bunking 🙂 the main reason was Dhanya mams class. Even thought I used to bunk 4 hours continuosly and I can count the attended first hours on my fingers I rarely bunked friday first hour]. Also Dhanya mams class was interesting because we had nice discussions [economics and non-economics topics] and you never feel bored.

[Some people who don’t like discussions and like the convensional way of teaching may disagree with me. ATM sir’s and Unnikrishnan sir’s classes were also intersting because they discuss general things in the class. Only one class of Suresh Kumar sir I still remember as the interesting class. That class he discussed about books, Someset Maugham…. And I still remeber dilpu asking Suresh Kumar sir to discuss general things evry other day]

After my seminar and discussions with Tojin and after listening to the talk by Dr. KP Aravindan I was keen to have a discussion on patents too. All this made me protest to the injustice or whatever be it. After the hour was over [Even I have contempt with mysself and I stood there in the morning sun] when mam came out [KSK called me in between but I didn’t mind], I smiled and said good morning mam and entered the class and everybody welcomed me with a clap and ofcourse with different responses.

Shanker told I was scratching mam, Tojin told I am craving for attention, Ugen congratulated me Frank admired my act and Shrini told me ‘Isn’t that for blog ?’. Well, all coments are welcome. Gandhi once said ‘Everything you do may be insignificant but it is important that you do it’. Also I feel perplexed after started writing blog ‘Is I am doing thing to write in blog ?’ Anyway I look at things now with a diffrent perspective, from a repotrer’s perspective.

In the night I had discussions with Pramod KC on a variety of topics which included this act and patents and democracy, NSS [of course :-)] and what not ?

Feel free to comment on it.

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