SAMSKRiTi series -3 — Patents Continued

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PATENTS continuation

When the patent rule of 1970 is reformatted and brought as the new Patent
rule of 2004(yet to be implemented as a Rule, recently put up as an Ordinance):

1. Prices of medicines will rise almost 15 times.

2. Patent period is raised to 20 years.

3. Micro organisms will be patented.

4. Medicines from medicinal herbs will be patented by foreign companies.

5. Some of them are already taken:

Basmati Rice- RICETEX (USA)

Neem-65 patents (from companies in USA, Japan and Europe)

Turmeric-5 patents (USA)

Mustard-14 patents (USA)

Ginger-4 patents (USA)

Jack fruit-3 patents (USA)

6. All these amendments are based on World Trade Organizations TRIPS
(Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights)

7. The new rule also demands new patenting of old medicines. Because of
these even life-saving medicines have to be paid heavily.

8. This reduces the opportunities to manufacture and export low cost
medicines by Indian Companies.

Consider the cost of treatment for certain diseases in India and USA per

Leukemia (Blood Cancer): 12,000(India) 1, 25,000(USA)

AIDS : 14,625(India) 8, 10,000(USA)

nb: All amounts in Indian Rupees.

The difference is because of the patent rules we followed till now. But
soon the advantage will end as the Indian companies pave way to MNCs.

9. Allowing patenting of micro-organisms and genetic activities will
have serious impact on the agricultural field.

10. New Seed Law will demolish the traditionally followed agricultural
methods. The farmers will be deprived of their right to use 2
lakh varieties of the seeds which were traditionally developed and
still used in India. This will intensify their sufferings. (Remember
year 2004 when without all these rules there were almost 10000 farmer
suicides. DO we want more!!!?)

A real protest is needed against the present Ordinance and the
forthcoming rule. Nothing else would suffice. Government should
take steps to withdraw it.

These rules are a part of the Imperialist thought to field
restrictions on knowledge and making knowledge a merchandize;
enabling them to control a knowledge based production field, further
neo-colonizing third world countries like India. We must not
subside our most important agricultural and pharmaceutical fields
before colonialist multinationals. Life or death must not be a way to
make profit.

Think and make knowledge your weapon to fight the injustice.

SAMSKRiTi is always aiming at a better future, an independent world where
thoughts are free and knowledge is open to all.

Think React.

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