Hey someone writes abot me :-) It so cooool

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It is very interesting to see someone writing about me. I am very happy to see it.

It goes like this

On the FSF Friends mailing list, a few hours ago, Praveen A, has posted his experience on doing exactly what the panel at LinuxWorld stressed upon taking Linux to schools and with the advantage of a neutral courseware.

The books for Class 8th, 9th and 10th for the IT@School program in Kerala have the word GNU/Linux sprinkled everywhere. But when Praveen went to a nearby school for organizing a workshop for the teachers he learnt something that is all familiar the higher authorities try to avoid Linux by instructing the teachers to only teach Windows.

Praveen, for one, has decided to coach the willing teachers dueing the school vacation. Although its a start its not a solution in itself. There are larger issues as well as larger people to convince.

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He wrote this after reading my posts to fsf-friends mailing list, the principal mailing list of Free Software Foundation of India

First mail

I got a chance to go through the text books of 8, 9 and 10th
standard for IT @ School programme [Kerala]. I was very happy to see GNU/Linux
every where with equal or more importance than windows. The book
covers all basic functions like word processing, graphics processing
… But the fact is different from the text books.

Second mail
I have got a chance to train the teachers of the nearby [NIT
Calicut, where I’m doing Btech] higher secondary school for IT @
school as part of NSS programme. In Kerala we have succeeded in
including the GNU/Linux as an alternative to M$ non-free OS, but the
most schools stick to Window$ because they didn’t get any training in
the free OS. Yeasterday I showed them the Redhat’s GNU system, they
were seeing it for the first time

The story is based on my experience in teaching teachers in nearby school (REC GVHSS )

First post
It was a great experience to be a teacher when the students are teachers !!!! We became teachers and the teachers of REC GVHSS became our students. We started out training programme by NSS today with a positive note. Both enjoyed it and we are looking forward to the next class. It will have to be after the sessionals. First one of them introdused us to the others. Today Jas (Jithu from s4 CSE, others with me were Bipin and Sree Kumar, both from s4, the former being compsci and the latter ece) started withe the basics of computers from Von Neumann model. We were a bit anxious as to how teachers might feel about the technical stuff we are gonna present. At some points of the class we were worried about the reaction from teachers. All our worries (and theirs 🙂 were over when I instructed Jas to show how to login. Then we just helped them with the usage, whatever they asked we just helped them do. Some wanted to customise the desktop, some wanted to know how to search for more material on eye in the net, some others wanted to know how to open cds and burn cds, and on and on ….

Second post

And the rest I don’t know how Shyam manged it, because I had to go to the REC Higher Secondary School to train the teachers as part of the NSS programme. Today I gave them an introduction to GNU/Linux and many were seeing it for the first time ! [though the syllabus has given same weight to the free and M$ OS]. I showed them how to choose linux from lilo and then to login with the login name ‘guest’

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