Economics Seminar ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’ or a very eventful day

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Today I presented a seminar in Economics. Our group [Praveens — me, Praveen Kumar, Praveen Kumar VR and Praveen sebastian] got the topic ‘Free Trade Vs Protection’. I was supposed to take it on last Friday but I got it postponed to taday [It was an adjustment with Dhanya mam and Praveen Kumar to attend the renaissance 2005 at GECT Read my blog entry]. Yesterday was completely blank except the preparation for the seminar [I was browsing till 5 in the morning day before that — after a break of a week — and woke up by 12 noon (I missed Dilpu‘s Seminar in Industrial Drives too). After ‘brunch’ I was caught by the Gnome Mines — I used to complete the large board with 99 mines regularly, when I feel like relaxing — in fact you get tensed when you can’t complete it — I had to wait till 6 O’clock to complete one board — I was too disturbed, not able to concentrate — also it needs luck too lost many times in the nineties too, even 98 !]. I read about my topic share ‘Arguments in favour of protection’. I refered books by Dewet and Samuelson. Then I went to meet Tojin with a goal to discuss the topic, but we discussed many things from economics, environment, pollution, automobiles, department, college …. Shanker and Arun MS was also there. In the afternoon we saw a fierce debate between Karthik and Arun Titto on Motherjane Rock band, they performed at Ragam 2005. Tojin, me and VIP were spectators. It was very interesting to watch them fighting. Both trying to say their arguments are strong. [It was triggered when Titto told Motherjane is a local band and it cannot be compared with any rock band. Karthik asserted that they are a good band and they showed their mettle in the great Indian rock concert by winning it and their numbers are played in 14 radio stations in the US ] Read the rest of this entry »


hi5 friends network

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I’ve been browsing through the hi5 network and found some of my friends there. I have started tricalzone group there. So all the Y1 tricals please join there too. Here I have the invite link for anyone wanting to join my network of friends in hi5 . It is similar to tickle, orkut by Google … The first friends network I joined was ringo it was aquired by tickle later. I was looking for an invitation for orkut for sometime and some time back I got it. The invitation thing seems to be a good idea and google is using it successfully. If you cannot get something for free (as in free beer) many people feel it is something special. Google got more users by making the registration through invitation than it would have got through the open registartion and people would have taken it as just another id. Now people know the power of Gmail and people are looking for an inviation even now. It seems they are going to open gmail for public registration since I got an invitation from the gmail team through the email address I provided for updates about gmail in those gmail buzz days.

Renaissance ….

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It is long simce I wrote last here. The last week has been very passive and busy 🙂 [Read lazy]. Last friday I attended Renaissance 2005, I went home for the weekend, watched some movies [Kaliyil Alpam Karyam, Odaruthammavaa Alariyam and Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street — all Malayalam]. I met Swaroop and Pramod there in Renaissance. Also I attended a talk by Shuveb Hussain of Naturesoft on high perfomance clusters with linux. He introduced the basic concepts of clustering like the Beowulf architecture, SSI model and talked about the OpenMosix Project and just mentioned OpenSSI a similar project to OpenMosix by HP :-). He started with an example of a real clustering project — SETI @ Home and then moved on to setting up a linux cluster using OpenMosix. OpenMosix is available as a kernel patch for 2.4 kernel and the steps involve

1. Patch and recompile
2. Zero Configuration (just plug as many systems as possible)
3. Enjoy !!!!

It was really very interesting to listen to Shuveb.
Note: SETI project utilises the unused resources — CPU, memory– of computers connected to internet. SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe.

The SETI Institute is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research, education and public outreach.

Then we had lunch from the Canteen and the afternoon session was handled by Swaroop — with his usual ‘Slither away with python’ [He had given the same title for his talk here(floss meet at NITC ) with Pradeep also for BangPypers meet at Thought Works].
This is what Swaroop wrote about Renaissance 2005
It was second time I was attending this talk by Swaroop [First time was when he came to NITC for flossmeet. It was more interesting with Pradeep [like Nat and Miguel] and it was for 3 hours whereas this time it was just an hour. And there was more questions in between the session]. I asked about the speed and the need to package python interpreter along with the program. There was nice questions after the session like will python substitute java ?, what is the compenstion we have to give for more productivity ? [You can play tennis 🙂 was the answer given by Swaroop]….

After that there was session handled by Pramod and it was interesting. I’ll write about the phoenix project. Mean while you check the Swaroop’s blog for the pics. It has pics of the phonix too. After the session we [me Swaroop and Shuveb] discussed a lot of things about the community and the importance of phonix project and the social responsibilities.

The quiz was one by NITC quiz team. VR and Manjith and second by Abid and Atul. Hats off to the great quizzers of NITC. Read what VR got to say about it

We just got the train because it was late. We got a company in the train — Sarath Lakshman the whiz-kid who came out with a distro slynux based on knoppix. It was nice talking to him about the importance of freedom and his experiences and I hope to work with him in the future. He is a great asset to the Free Software Community in India. The media report was misleading and there was discussion about it in the fsf-friends group [the principal mailing list of fsf-india]. Now it is clear that it was communication gap and now he is well aware of
the freedom part of it. [The hindu article about Sarath]. We waited in the Calicut KSRTC stand till 11.30 for our bus and we were back by 1 O’clock.

It gave a great satisfaction to be there and talk to them and listen to the talks.

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