The last hours as an NITCian

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These are my last moments in NITC. These three days I have been running from here to there in and near the campus. We had to clear all the dues and get no liability certificate from each hostel and other facilities provided by the college. And also I had to run to get my diary filled by my friends and CDs to be burned.

My lab was over by 21 [I was first day first bacth and first student. They started the lab from roll number 39!!!]. I relaxed till 25 which I spent on movies [Eurotrip], bakar… I started the long run on 25 morning [That’s noon:-)]. First thing I did was to get NLC [No liabilities certificate] from our Main Computer Center. I have an imotional attachment to it, since it have become an integral part of my life in the last 4 years I spent here. Hardly a spent without coming to CC and the last year I enjoyed my privilege as the administrator. I enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly. I got a chance to download lot of distros and install and try it. I could learn lotta new things and got familiarised with networking and unix stuff. Read the rest of this entry »


A proud GNU user

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I burned the Debian GNU/hurd k8 CDs and installed it in our main CC today. It took alomost 3 weeks for me to to download all the 4 CD Images. First mirror I got from filesearching.com with keyword hurd-k as per the debian site. But the download stopped half way so I googled and found out new and faster mirror [The old one was 10-500 *B/s* ].

Note: If anyone want a copy mail me. Read the rest of this entry »


A new beginning for IT education in Kerala

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Some Background Info

Free Software Foundation of India was successful in its efforts to include free software in the high school curriculam [For the IT @ School project] in Kerala last year. But the teachers were given training only in Microsoft Windows even though GNU/Linux has given equal importance and a choice is given for schools to choose any one of these. About 33 schools [Out of toal 2699 schools in the state. Data from IT @ School Progress Reort ] chose GNU/Linux as a platform of choice and decided to go forward with the Free OS. But the IT @ authorities pressured many to change over to Windows but many persisted and forced to conduct the examinations on Windows as the Soft Exam — the software designed for that purpose was only available for Windows [See a news story from Hindu about protest by KSTA against SoftExam windows only version]. But two schools stood firm and refused to chose Windows [And now they have GNU/Linux version of the Soft exam as well]. The authorities had to budge before their determination and only two schools conducted [After a lot of hard work] their examinations on GNU/Linux platform. One was Mappila Higher Secondary School in Koyilandi and other was in Kannore District. Read the rest of this entry »


The Interpreter

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The interpreter by Sydney Pollack

The first movie to be shoot at UN ‘The Interprter‘ by Sydney Pollack is released in Australia and soon will be available in US. Read the rest of this entry »


No More Free (as in free beer) BitKeeper

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Read feature in KernelTrap  No More Free BitKeeper

So that is the end of BitKeeper in Linux Kernel development. This really highlights the evils of proprietory softwares. The user is dominated by the authors — they don’t have any freedom. In this case they just terminated the free version because they found it no more effective. The user is nowhere in picture and profit is the only motive. Read the rest of this entry »

That’s it!

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Today was the last exam (I earnestly hope it to be;-) ), lab was cool, the result of a sleepless night was really comforting and now just the Viva left before we pack and leave.
Note: Dilpu wrote about the Project presentaion

Our Project group

I cannot believe 4 years passed just like that. I’ll be missing lotta things — my friends, my dear CC, the freedom …… Well you cannot be like this always, responsibilities comes and you got to grow.

It seems like yesterday we came here and the memories of A hostel (we called it jail and we were ‘inmates’). A mess (G mess really brings back those meories!!) and our 202/B and 127/C …. I’ll be missing the Tricalzone, nss…. and lots.


Gnome 2.10, KDE 3.4, Ubuntu hoary, Open Office 2.0, Suse 9.3, Mepis 3.3 ……

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Gnome Two, Ten

I’m back to blogsphere after a long break. There has been lotta things going on here in NITC. There was a class trip to Kodaikanal (it is in my draft and hope’ll be able to see it once I get the photos), NSS farewell, treat, Trical treats, lotta new distros …….. Read the rest of this entry »