The Interpreter

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The interpreter by Sydney Pollack

The first movie to be shoot at UN ‘The Interprter‘ by Sydney Pollack is released in Australia and soon will be available in US. Todays Friday Review of The Hindu has an article about it. It is a thriller with Nicole Kidman playing the role of a UN interpreter and overhears a converstion about death threat to an African leader when he talks in the UN. Sean Penn is a secret service agent appointed for this mission to save the leader.
Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter


* It is the first movie ever filmed inside the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council buildings.
* The country Matobo and the language Ku were especially created for this film.

Read a review of the film BY ROGER EBERT / April 21, 2005
Official site http://www.interpretermovie.com
Screeshot from the official site

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