The last hours as an NITCian

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These are my last moments in NITC. These three days I have been running from here to there in and near the campus. We had to clear all the dues and get no liability certificate from each hostel and other facilities provided by the college. And also I had to run to get my diary filled by my friends and CDs to be burned.

My lab was over by 21 [I was first day first bacth and first student. They started the lab from roll number 39!!!]. I relaxed till 25 which I spent on movies [Eurotrip], bakar… I started the long run on 25 morning [That’s noon:-)]. First thing I did was to get NLC [No liabilities certificate] from our Main Computer Center. I have an imotional attachment to it, since it have become an integral part of my life in the last 4 years I spent here. Hardly a spent without coming to CC and the last year I enjoyed my privilege as the administrator. I enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly. I got a chance to download lot of distros and install and try it. I could learn lotta new things and got familiarised with networking and unix stuff.

The next target was Campus networking centre (CNC), which manages the entire campus network and provides everyone with an email id @nitc.ac.in [I used to use it a lot but now I open it just to delete spam — I am so relieved that finally I got rid of deleting 1000s of mails every week]. Dilip and Arun MS was also there. Then we went to our next point LAN centre, next to CNC. Me and Dilip went to hostel office to get the no dues certifiacte [We were told that we require it to attend the course viva]. Also we got the NLC for the entire hostels. We had to go to each and every Btech hostels and get sign to proceed. We took the form and went to our next stop, NITC Gymkhana. I have never been to gym in the last 4 years. There we got NLC for Gym, Sports and swimming pool [I have never been to there also, coming from a village background and familiar with ponds and rivers I have a confidence that I can manage if not perfectly well — I’ve enjoyed swimming in both the NSS camps I attended, the first one being the best , it was deeper and deadlier with lots of rocks … and the local people told some died last year there].

Then I had to go to all hostels and get no dues. Since I didn’t stayed in D and E hostels I got sign easily from D hostel steward. Then C hostel steward was not there and I got from B and A. I have to show this form while I vacate the hostel [Taht’s tomorrow — more correctly today morning].

Then we went to Dr. Paul Joseph. He is our staff advicer for student affairs and this was in connection with Ragam. For Ragam T-shirt we used to sign a form authenticating him to pay from our hostel bill. Dr. Nagarajan of ME signed for Tathva and finally we had to get approval from Dr. KN Datta, who is Dean students. I had to wait there half an hour since he was taking class for PG students. He is specilaised in Industrail Engineering. We missed him last sem as he used to take IM for our seniors but apparantly he didn’t take our paper. That was the end of one form. I spent in the D common room till morning 5. Not that I am not sleeping enough but the time is shifted, I go to bed by 2-3 and will be up by 12noon.

The next day I went to the bank and closed my account. I had to wait there a long time to get the balance [which was the minimum]. Then I came back to AB [administrative block] and got my health card [Every student is insured by Oriental Mediclaim policy and it was started last year and our policies validity is till September]. I had lunch and marched to the next block — Library. I gave back the books I have taken and I had to register online to submit our mini project, seminar and project reports in our digital library. Our project mates had already submitted the report and I had to bother only about the seminar. I got the no dues from Library and they took back the library card also.

The next step is to submit this form to AB and apply for the refund of caution deposit. After this I signed a ‘ received ‘ for SSLC and PreDegree certificates.
Today I appeared for viva and got my marklist from AB. Then I gave the biodata form to the department and request for conduct certificate.

Then Felix Nelson come to our college to collect my ubuntu CDs and he gave Suse 9.3 prof CDs to me. After that our project group that is me, Arun MS, Dilip, Shanker and Tojin met Suresh Kumar sir and we talked a variety of things raging from caste, religion, history, education … It was really a wonderful and interesting discussion. I cound get to know a lot of things which I wouldn’t have got from any where else. He shared his views on this and many other issues and we discussed books and authors and about other persons.

And this will be my last night posting from NITC.

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  1. vr said,

    May 7, 2005 at 7:38 am

    hi praveen with an extra A
    i havent cleard my dues yet! i was planning to write about it, but reading this i dont find the need to repeat what you have said i will probably give a link to this site.
    keep posting!

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