Changathikkoottam A crowd of friends Day 1

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Changathikkoottam A crowd of friends

May 9,10 Krishna ALP School Alanallur

Day 1

I got a chance to be a part of Changathikkoottam conducted by Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad (KSSP) [As an organiser]. It was a wonderful experience a going back in time to the good old days in school. The programme was arranged for kids of age 9-12 (standard 4 7) as mid-summer vacation programme. The programme was attended by over 50 students from various parts of Alanallur Panchayath. Changathikkottam consisted of Origami which teach one to make models by folding paper -, science experiments, songs and games. I read about the programme in news paper and when I met Murali master I got the dates for our Changathikkottam. I thought the programme was on 8,9 so I went to GVHSS Alanallur on 8th morning only to see an empty school campus. On 9th I wasnt that enthusiastic and I reched there by 11am, where as the programme started by 10am. In the beginning I discussed about Free Software with Parishad members as I was seeking their support for our efforts to spread free software. My first chance to get involved in the programme was when the participants are divided into two groups and one group doing Origami and other doing experiments. I went with the latter team and the first experiment was a plastic boat then we did dancing button and fire extinguisher. Read the rest of this entry »