Debian Developers conference 2005

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The last saturday (20th Aug 2005) I attended the Bangalore Debian Developers conference at IIIT Bangalore with Dilip
. The event started at 2.30 pm with a video of Jaldhar Vyas, a Debian project leader from India and now in USA as the registration was going on. There was two Debian hackers [
Ramki (Ramakrishna) and Ganeshan ] (infact there are only two Debian developers from India right now, out of 1380 around the globe) present and shared their experiences. The next years event is already announced (19th August 2006) and we target a minimum of 20 Debian developers by that time.

The objectives of the conference were

    * Enable more Debian contributors from Bangalore (later from India).
    * Provide support for Debian developers in terms of mentoring and resources.
    * Support adoptions of Debian in the region.

I hope we will be able to fulfil it.

Ramki (Ramakrishna) and Ganeshan explained about the Debian project and their experiences with Debian. For a detailed report see this link
A report of the first Bangalore Debconf .

The presentations of Ganeshan is available in pdf and sxi formats

I met one of my Senior Anish Kumar (95 – 99 batch in REC Calicut). He is also working with HP in OpenSSI. ( LB 2003 talk on OpenSSI ).

We have a group at Yahoo DebianIndia. If you are interested in future activities come and join.


Java Webserver inspired from Thejesh

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Here is Thejesh’s page

The requirement is (from thejesh’s portal techmag.biz)

Let us write a simple web server in Java.The purpose is learning. A webserver listens at a given port and gives back the file asked (request). Here only http requests are considered.
Let us keep it simple and serve only HTML pages and not GIF’s and JPEG’s.

Points to consider:
(1) The server will to on a port. By default all the web servers listen to port 80. We are allowed to use other ports unless it is used by other process.
(2) Every webserver will have a root folder. Only the files under this root folder are accessible by the server.
(3) We will serve only .htm or .html files
(4) When we get the request. the first line of the request will contain the word “GET” followed by the file name.
(5) The server should be multithreaded to handle multiple requests.
(6) The first line of the response will be “HTTP/1.0 200 OK”
(7) The second line of the response contains “Content-type: text\html”
(8) The content of the requested fil follows next.

The Java code: Its in process. Now Version 0.2 (Released under GNU GPL) Read the rest of this entry »


VTU Floss Campaign

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See VTU Floss Campaign

This is the current status of the petition

See more photos here

On August 6th Saturday we got an apponitment to meet the VC at VTU
Campus in Belgaum. We (Thejesh, Ramakrishna, Vivek and myself ) met at Coffee Day at MG Road on 4th Evening and discussed the plans and presantation. We left for Belgaum on 5th Evening and reached there by 6th Morning. We preapared the presantation and by afternoon we reached the VTU campus. To our great disappointement the VC was not there. He didn’t keep his appointment. So we had to give the petition to the Registrar and comeback (We were very angry about the way VC responed and it even becam grave when registar told us that every weekend he is in Bangalore ! We had clearly mentioned that we are coming from bangalore and if he is in bangalore every week, then Why did he give an appointment at Belgaum ? He might have thought that we won’t go thus far to meet him ! Anyway we are not gonna let it go. We are trying to meet him in bangalore. If w cannot go some one else will be ready. He will have to listen to us one day.)

[Discuss about it here]

Update: VTU recognises FOSS.IN


Which states in India have you been to? :>

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States visited in India

Brought to you by pratibha75, quizling and teemus.
Which states in India have you been to?