October Linux Profession meet

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There are various professions (interest groups) inside HP that cater to varying interests of the employees. Some of the professions are ‘Linux Technology’, ‘Unix Technology’, ‘Microsoft Technology’ … I’m a member of the Linux Technology Profession. We meet every month and October meet was on 7th. We had two presentations

  1. Remote Development using eclipse by Bala
  2. Diskdump and netdump tools by Masa San (he is Linux Technology Profession Japan lead).

(Those of you missed Bala’s talk can attend his talk in FOSS.IN )

Eclipse is used as a front end for development where as the files and compilation happens at a remote server. The client uses rsh to connect, so any machine with rsh support can a server and ofcourse since eclipse is built on java it is platform independent. You get terminal that shows the messages on the client. Bala’s team ia working on the remote development plugin for eclipse. Hear more from him at FOSS.IN. His name is first in the list of speakers

1 Cross platform applications Balasubramaniyan Krithivasan Enabling Remote Development on Eclipse talk

Diskdump and netdump are tools to save the system memory state (image) in case of a crash. Diskdump stores the image in a separate drive and netdump uses UDP to send it across a network to another system. This image can be analysed to find out a fault. Masa San came all the way from Malasia (where he was on vacation) to attend this seminar.

It was a wonderful time listening to them. I was actually using eclipse (CDT – C development tools plugin) and I asked some doubts also. It is a wonderful IDE for C/C++ development (People think eclipse as a java IDE, but actually it is a framework and you can write plugins to suport any language). The CDT folks are doing a great job. It is a pleasure to work with it. I have installed cygwin tools (It require gcc and make – you can also use mingw ) on windows. It comes with two modes

  1. Managed make and
  2. Standard make

Manged make take care of the make files while Standard make gives you a chance to write your own make files and use it to full potential.
I recommend eclipse to anyone who is looking for a nice, cross platform C/C++ IDE.

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