I was on air today with Vasanti

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I’m so excited to get a chance to be on air on Radio City 91 FM. I woke up at 5 today (my regular time is 9) and was ready to go to my new office (Embassi Icon in Infantry Road — Just walking distance from Ashraya hotel where blug meets regularly) by 6.15. I just checked Photo Xpress for a foss.in poster. But I didn’t want to wait till 9.30. So I was waiting for Shivaji Nagar Bus (No. 164) in the bus stop next to Forum. Laxminarayan Kamath called me and we talked about foss.in. I got my bus after some time and I was listening to Radio City. Someone SMSed to say there was an accident in Hosur Main Road near Adugodi. After sometime when I just looked out of the window I saw a car crashed on to a bus, so I sent an SMS to Radio City describing what I saw. After some time I got a call from Vasanti and told me I’m going to be put on air as Radio City Jam Buster. I was a bit tensed but it was cool. I too started the show with ‘Good Morning Vasanti’ and ‘Good Morning Bangalore’ and end with a ‘Thank you for putting me on air’ as every one does. I was in Mayo Hall junction at that time. It was around 8. Everyone in the bus was looking at me and I was very excited. I have been trying to be on air for sometime but no SMSes succeeded before. It was my first time on air and I was very happy when Laxminarayan Kamath called me again after listening to me on Radio City. But I didn’t get a chance to dedicate a song 🙁 Well I can have it next time. Darius is having something called Open House once in a week for ‘Top 8 at 8’, where in every one appering their office at Residency Road will be put on air.

So it was an awesome morning. Waking up at 5 didn’t go in vain.

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