We are looking for hackers

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Gopal Writes in his blog:

V (t3rmin4t0r)

Southern Summer of Code

Dotgnu has a new task at hand and it is worth 4 lakhs to whoever would care to do it. The task is simple and straight forward, you need to write a fast i686 JIT for dotgnu. Half the task is already done in libjit – which has around 65 KLOC ofcode. All you need to do is finish the x86 engine in there, with the help me and many other dotgnu folks around the place.

For those who feel that they can help and want to, please contact me. Read the original announcement here.
Tell your friends, ask them to tell your friends. Circulate it in your LUG, circulate it in your college. Do whatever it takes, we need this JIT (and other projects like rubydium will also gain).

21, 2005 09:14 AM

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