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I have been to PESIT today to give an introduction to the Education project taken up by FOSS Community India as part of Open Talk. I have been in touch with Anush and Tejas (both students from PESIT) for the event. Last Sunday we met at Unitea house near PESIT and discussed about it. Dinesh from servelots and Laxminarayan from deeproot where also present. I reached there just in time (4:15). The event was started by Tejas with introduction to FOSS. He started with clarifying some FUDs about FOSS (Hope he’ll put the slides online soon). I will update about the slides when it is out. He also introduced some of the commonly available FOSS tools like Firefox, Gimp, Open Office … It was a nice introduction to the world of FOSS.

Then it was Anush‘s turn to talk about the development tools available under FOSS like eclipse, python, gcc … He also talked about the advantages of doing a real life project, how your work gets recognised…

Then came Swaroop‘s ‘Slither away with python’ – an introduction to the python programming language. Every one was so amused at how easy python got theings done. He came to our campus (NIT Calicut) last year and talked about python for floss meet 2005. It was a nice trip we had to Tusharagiri last time.

Get the presentation here
He also authored a book called ‘A byte of python

Then it was Shreyas‘ turn to enchant the audience. Both Shreyas and Swaroop are PESIT alumni. Shreyas talked about his experience in hacking gnome. It was a very interesting talk. He wanted to demonstrate how to actually fix the bugs but since there was not net connection available he could not do it. If you have decided to hack on any Free Software and you are looking for how to start contributing contact this guy, he’ll help you through.

Then it was my turn to talk about our initiative. I’ll put up the slides online soon. It is one requirement we felt about a full set of education utilities for India. We are starting with a apt/yum/you repo and live cd first and then actually move into the development. This campaign in campuses is to get teachers and students get involved in this project. If you find this interesting join our mailing list.

Then we waited for atul to reach the place and all of us were under his charm for about one and a half hour. He talked about innovation and the need to change the software industry in India to come up with products. He has live examples to demonstrate to students – Swaroop and Shreyas also he talked about Kalyan Varma, who is also from PESIT.

I guess that summarises the event nicely.

Update: I have the slides here pdf ppt (Brinkster don’t seem to recognise sxi)

Update2: Tejas and Swaroop also blogged about it
OpenTalk @ PESIT


  1. Thejesh GN said,

    November 25, 2005 at 4:47 am

    I know I missed it. Will meet you in FOSS.IN

  2. Nujoom said,

    November 25, 2005 at 7:59 am

    Keep up the good work….

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