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I cnnot update it yesterday so I will just brief yesterdays happenings.

I was there by 9am and was at the registration desk handling speaker registration with Tejas. After that I was at the Intel hall when Atul was delivering the inaugural address. Atul said that he would consider foss.in a success if atleast 10 people contribute to FOSS after this and it would be mind bogling succes if 100s of hem contribute. The brief inaguration of the conference was by lighing a lamp by blug representatives from diffrent parts of India, like Swati Sani from Nagpur, Aravind Yadav from Goa, Arjun Asthana from Delhi, Kushal Das from Durgapur and Surjo Das from he host lug,ie Bangalore Linux Users Group(blug). I listen to the keynote address from Linux kernel Maintainer Alan Cox. He explained how to get involved in FOSS development process in very simple and easy to understand words. Then we (with Kanti Jadia) set up the FSF India stall and Pramod was seting up the phoenix stall. I demoed Debian GNU/Hurd in the FSF stall. I was very happy to see some really showed interest and there were a few who tried GNU/Hurd first and one guy had it running currently. Then I listened to Pradeep talking on Plone Content management system. Then I met some of my juniors who came all the way from Calicut to attend it(there wer 5 of them). After all the talks were over Revolution OS movie was screened. With Hari I came back home with a happy heart.

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