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Today I was in charge(Hall Marshal) of Ballroom hall. Today the sessions at Ballroom were focused on women in foss. There was a very interesting discussion going on and we listed plans to get more women involved in foss. There was a talk by Salamita Garcia of LinuxChix Brazil. I talked to Danes Cooper about the FOSS Community India Education project.

There was an interesting BoF Session on FOSS EDU IN and it was very interesting 11 of us turned up and discussed various issues to be addressed. Laxminarayan Kamath joined me and Barve to discuss more details of how to make it more appealing to the students.

Then we had volunteer meeting at 6.30 were we got our duties alotted. I will be at the Ballroom for the next day too. You can copy GNU/Hurd k10 cds and/or 20051117 (Nov 17) live CDs from download server or come to FSF India stall at FOSS Expo.

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