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I was given the charge of Ballroom again today. The theme for the morning session was Education. it started with Philip Tellis’ talk. There was some delay in starting the presentation due to some network problem, but sorted it out. It was a very interesting presentation when he tried to compare FOSS process with the Education process and suggested the changes needed in the current education system. after this there was a talk on Moodle (online course anagement software) by Dr. George Easaw of Goa Enginering college. He explained his experience in in setting up moddle in his college and clearly showed the benefits. Then there was a talk on Agriculture software developed for framers. It was followed by Sai Sreeram’s talk on his experience in Kuppam in Tamil Nadu as when he was with HP. I moved to the Intel hall for a presentation of NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre for FOSS) on curriculam developed for Anna University based on FOSS (They have 2 electives and a project on FOSS). I was hanging around in the evening in the expo area. There was Laya Taranga performing today and I was playing with Aasim(2nd atandard) and Arjun(10th standard who gave a presentation with Sarath on Morphix remastering). Surjo also joined us later. Just one more day to go. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many people who share your interests and ideas. Tomorrow we will be having a key signing party.

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