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I have written about first 3 days earlier, so let me complete this with the fourth day.

I went to Harikrishnans home in the morning and we left for Bangalore palace in his bike. Earlier days we used to take auto. We lost our way once near the Cunningham road side but we reached venue by 10. As usual I was the hall marshal for the Ballroom. I collected the water bottles for the speakers and reached Ballroom in time. Morning session was FOSS Community track and Fred, Karunakar and Kushal presented in the morning. Fred talked about NGOs and FOSS, while Kushal spoke about his experience in Durgapurlug. In the after noon Volker Grassmuck (Wizards of OS) talked about the LiMux (Linux for Munich) project. He narrated each step of the migration and the probelms faced in a very interesting way. Munich chose Debian GNU/Linux for its 14000 desktops. Another interesting talk was by Sunil of Mahiti. He talked about government policy for foss adoption. He had good examples to quote for each of his arguments. There were some more sessions after this. Then the volunteers had to take all the stuff from Registration desk back to the expo hall.

Hats of to all the volunteers who made this event happen. Cheers to Surjo our chief. (We have a party for the volunteers today).

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