GNU slash Hurd guide

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You can try the live CD from superunprivileged.org I installed GNU/Hurd using cross hurd two days back.

The steps involved are
1. Create a 2GB ext2 partition

update: There is no 2GB limit from k8 onwards

2. mount it (say /root/jail – crosshurd default)
3. Install crosshurd (apt-get install crosshurd)
4. Run crosshurd as root
5. Let it complete the installtion
6. Edit /boot/grub/menu.lst to include GNU/Hurd (Installguide has the grub entries )

Some pointers to remember

The Hurd partition naming isdifferent from linux

Linux Hurd
hda hd0
hdb hd1
hdc hd2
hda1 hd0s1
hda4 hd0s4

7. Login in single user mode
8. Run ./native-install
9. Reboot to multiuser mode (change grub entries)
9.1 cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV
9.2 mount the GNU/Linux partition
9.3 Edit grub and reboot.
10. Run console (refer install guide for options)
11. Add CDROMs to sources.lst
11.1 create CDROM device hd2 (in my case)
11.2 mount -t iso9660 /dev/hd2 /cdrom
11.3 apt-cdrom add
11.4 umount (!!!! umount is not there in GNU/Hurd, I have not figured out how to un mount yet, but I just killed the iso9660 server after ps -x)

update: settrans -gf /cdrom/ will unmount the cdrom.

11.5 Take out the CD and insert next CD
11.6 run apt-cdrom add, but it fails so mount the cdrom again and run the command

(Some body need to hack on this – how to unmount cdrom)

Create a file /bin/umount
#Filename: /bin/umount
settrans -gf $@

bash$ chmod +x /bin/umount

If you create this file apt can automatically unmount the cd for you after installtion is complete.
Also create an entry in the /etc/fstab file like this
/dev/hd2 /cdrom/ iso9660fs ro,noauto 1 1
#’/’ at the end of /cdrom is important. /cdrom won’t do. It has to be /cdrom/

12. apt-get install vim xserver-xfree86

Not yet configured x, need some hack
13. setup network
14. add apt repos


The gcc version is 4.0, gnome is 2.2 wmaker is there. So it has come a long way. It is time to try it for all those who tried it before and disappointed. It gives you a chance to go back in time and experience the joy hackers had in the early linux stage. There is lotta opportunity to hack. Many simple things can be done, which is missing.

May be we can hack on the live CD to have X and so on

I started hacking GNU and if anyone out there willing to do this with me, I’ll be very happy.

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