December BLUG meet

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I have not got a chance [read: lazy] to write about December blug meet, even though we are discussing about the January Blug meet [Surjo has written about it long back]. Surjo could have made it easier for me only if it was in my cubicle ! It happened in the same office I work, Embassy Icon HP office in Infantry Road. I work in 4th floor and the seminar hall was in 4th floor. This time the emphasize was hack fest which blug has taken up. [Read about it in Tejas’s blog]. We started discussing about a desktop application that shouldn’t be tied to a a particular Desktop Environment [Shreyas, who is a GNOME foundation member, was trying hard to be neutral in presence of KDE folks like Swaroop]. There exists a similar application called stardict but what we wanted is the ability to look up meaning in wiktionary and definition from wikipedia that could be accessible from any desktop application[Answers.com is in the making of one and there is a news that it is going to be a proprietary application. Wikinerds Portal has an article about it]. The application will be using dbus to exchange message between applications. The GUI will be programmed in gtkmozembed in python. Tejas has already written the wkipedia query part and after the exams get over more hands will be coding on this. 4 guys from PESIT volunteered for this. Shreekanth Jha [My colleague who joined with me] also came for the meet. After the meet we all moved to Coffee Day in Kunningham Road. The discussion continued and one interesting story I heard was from Kushal Das [From Durgapur who co-ordinates dgplug.org]. There used to be fights between their college and nearby college. When he narrated the incident we were like Oh its like we see in cinemas. The talk about the January meet is already out (on19th). This time Ubuntu team is visiting Bangalore as part of their Asia tour. Blug will be interacting with Mark Shuttleworth [the multi millionaire behind Ubuntu] and other Canaonical [the company behind Ubuntu development] folks. I am looking forward to this interaction.

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