Meeting with Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame (also Second Space Tourist and first African National in space) visited Bangalore last week (Thursday 19th Jan 2006) as part of his Asia Tour. I was lucky to listen to him twice a day, first in HP and then with BLUG. He talked about the reasons why he started Ubuntu project his vision for its future … and most interestingly his experience in space.

He talked about launchpad which is a collaboration tool for Free Software projects, especially for big projects like a distribution. He was very enthusiastic about the collaboration between various distributions and relation with upstream. He emphasised that we (foss community in India) is in the right time and taken a right choice. He talked about a sustainable model for Canonical. Ubuntu encourages customised distros based on Ubuntu and they offer such service too (for example Spain has its own version of ubuntu which is in Spanish and all the bookmarks and RSS feeds are relevent for them). He has autographed on Ubuntu CD for all of us.

To Praveen,

Follow Your Dreams.
Mark Shuttleworth

It was a very inspiring interaction for most of us. I’m looking forward to more involvement in the Ubuntu/Debian community.

He showed us the photos of his space trip and told us all about his experience. He was very enthusiastic about it. He went to Russia and learned Russian for the trip. He conducted some experiments in space.

It was such a wonderful experience which I would remember always.

Update: VR has a wonderful blog entry on it.


  1. Priya said,

    March 8, 2006 at 1:38 pm

    Its great man…..

    …….I have just heard of you.Its a great experience frm ur blog that it looks as if meeting a person…..
    ………….The blog is not having any details of ur PLUS why?………

  2. Administrator said,

    March 8, 2006 at 1:45 pm

    Well, I should write something soon.

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