I’m Bangalore’s Chosen one !

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Today I won Radio City 91 FM quiz and became Bangalore’s chosen one. I’ll be on AIR with Vasanti this Monday (from 10am to 11 am).

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  1. Rajesh Ravindran said,

    March 6, 2006 at 6:30 am

    Hey, congrats man! Heard u on Radio City 2day…. u were good :)… I kinda felt that it was u, wasnt sure of the surname, so i came n checked ur blog 2 make sure … just cos i aint a frequent commentor on blogs dont underestimate me as an admirer… admire the fact that u r so passionate bout S/w… i myself might not b one of the most assionate ones… but plp who do their profession an honour are ppl to look up2 :)… nice 2 hear a co-RECIan on air…good work man

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