Fourth International GPLv3 Conference at Bangalore

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India will host the Fourth International GPLv3 Conference in Bangalore, this August 23-24, 2006. A part of the world-wide drive to create awareness about the upcoming version three of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3), the two-day conference is expected to draw delegates from across the communities – legal, bureaucrat and academia. While the first day will see Richard M Stallman and Eben Moglen, the original architects of the GPLv3 license, communicating latest updates on the GPLv3 final draft, the second day holds panel discussions on localisation, awareness and adoption of GPLv3 and threat of Digital Restrictions Management (DRM).

The event to be held at the Indian Institute of Management -Bangalore is a sequence to the Third International GPLv3 Conference that took place in Barcelona, Spain. Similar events have already been held in the USA and Brazil. The international GPLv3 conferences are part of a year-long public consultation process to update the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The version 3 of the GPL, essentially, takes into account changes in terms of legal and technical environment, in which software licenses operate, and the need to increase protection against new threats such as software patents and Digital Restrictions Management (DRM). The worldwide awareness drive for GPLv3, is to ensure that, all users of
software distributed under its terms, have the freedom to examine,
share, and modify that software.

For registration kindly visit GPLv3 conference website http://gplv3.gnu.org.in

For Details, kindly contact:
Arun M (FSF-I) arun at gnu.org.in
Prof Rahul De’ (IIM-B) rahul at iimb.ernet.in
Abhas Abhinav (FSUG-Bangalore) abhas at deeproot.co.in
Praveen (FSUG-Bangalore) pravi.a gmail dot com
Thejesh GN (FSUG-Bangalore) thej at techmag dot biz

Venue: IIM-B

Date: 23, 24 August, 2006


So that was it

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Like so many other people around the world the blogsphere is also celebrating the fall of the Titan, yes I’m talking about Zidan and that too in such a disgraceful way. Well, Italians have the final laugh. Italy is now 4 times world champions just behind Brazil who won the title 5 times. So every one is looking forward to South Africa 2010 now. The only consolation for Zidan fans is his winning Golden Ball.

Here is two interesting blogs about the fall of Zidan

* Why did you do it Zizou?
* Shame shame Zidane


Microdoft to support Open Document format through a plugin

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Can thi s be true? Microsoft finally anniounces support for an Open Document Format (ODF) plugin for Office 2007 word. They are planning to release plugins for excel and powerpoint soon. Also older versions will be supported through an update. Many people have been sceptic about the intentions of Microsoft. I feel it is a good step from Microsoft and it will help further adoption of ODF. Most of the news items attributes pressure from governments to support ODF and announcements by some governments to only accept ODF compliant office suits.

Here is a link to the plugin http://sourceforge.net/projects/odf-converter

Anand Parthasarathy reports in The Hindu
about the involvement of an Indian company Aztecsoft in the project in an article titled ” Microsoft enters `open’ waters”

Lets wait and see how the plugin will be supported by Microsoft.


Malayalam is fully supported in OpenOffice 2.0.3 now

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Great news !!!

From OpenOffice 2.0.3 Release Notes

Added Malayalam (ml_IN) locale data, which makes it a fully supported locale.

Some screenshots for the non-believer




Another milestone in Mass Adoption of Free Software.

Cheers to the Open Office Malayalam Localization team

For those who have not yet heard of Open Office.

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PLUS Login Theme

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PLUS GDM Login Screen

Courtesy: Hiran

Update: Hiran explains the background to this design here.

England and Brazil out

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So all set for an “all-european” semi final. Many of the Argentina, Bazil fans are disappointed now especially since they played well in the early matches. Zidan finding his magic again helped France to move to the final 4. Nobody would have thought France will be playing semi final when they somehow manged to get to the second round after two drws against Koreans and Swiss.

One nice thought occured to me after the England vs Portugal match, when Engalnd coach Sven-Gran Eriksson said in disappointment “We have practiced so much for the penalties…“. They must have thought their goal keeper is good when he saved many shots from Gerrard, Lampard … during training, taking it for granted that they are good shots. But after their bad shots (of course Ricardo was in amazing form and he did a good job) they must have realised it was some fault with their players rather than confidence of the goal keeper that led to a false impression of having a good goal keeper.

Now it looks like a Germany – France final. Will Zidan replay the magic he performed 8 years back? or Ballack and co will have the final smile?

Lets wait and see.