Ask Bono To Stand With Us Against DRM

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Defective by Design is running a
campaign encouraging Bono to take a stand on DRM will send a powerful

Its your chance to be a prt of this campaign by signing the petition.
We have reached about 5000 signatures and we are looking at 10000. So
pass it on to your friends as well.

Dear Bono,

You have dedicated a major part of your life’s work to fighting for
good causes, bringing pressure to bear on the powerful and political
elite to effect positive change. In the same way that you have called
for action from world leaders, we now call upon you to look at the
facts surrounding Digital Restrictions Management (DRM), and join us
in demanding an end to handcuffs on technology and culture.

Read the full petition and sign

Join orkut community Defective By Design and invite your friends.


Debian Conclave 06

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IN BRIEF: A secret or confidential meeting.

pronunciation The conclave was necessary so their competitors didn’t learn of their secrets.

Tutor’s tip: The “conclave” (private meeting or session) met in a large “concave” (curved like the inside of a bowl) room.

A top secret plan of world domination… See http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/Debian/Conf/06/Conclave for details of the conclave. Admission only for those registered* before hand.

* Registration is open for every one who fullfills the requirements as specified in participate section of the wiki.


Meeting Jimmy Wales

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I have been keeping this blog pending for some time now.

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales, founder of wikipedia

I met Jimmy Wales along with other wikipedians and wikians from India on 29th September 2006.


Wikipedians and Wikians

It was very interesting to meet Jimbo and other wikipedians from India. I was very excited when I got a wiki message like this on my wikia talk page:

Hi, Pravs!

I am coming to Bangalore 28-30 September and trying to meet up with Wikians and Wikipedians while I am there. Can you help me organize a meetup? (And help me figure out what is cool to do in Bangalore…) 🙂 Would love to go to the movies with the Bangalore Film Society! Thanks! –Jimbo Wales

Then we discussed the meetup over email and finaly we met at Coconut Groves in Church Street, Bangalore. Unfortunately we couldn’t have the movie show as Jimbo wished since there was some clash with other movie shows.

Jimmy with me

me with Jimmy

Kiruba wrote:

He obviously had a super star status and his reputation clearly preceded him. When he stepped in to the hotel at our table, everyone stood up, the way students stand up when the head master walks in. Then followed an eerie silence. I half expected everyone to chorus, ‘Good Evening Sir’ 🙂 It was funny in a strange kind of way. But then, it was understandable. Jimmy Wales has a bigger than life image. Most folks are meeting the man for the first time, of whom they had heard great things about. The situation can be a bit oveawing.

We discussed the challenges (technical/cultural…) that India language wikipedias are facing. We had Bhadani , who has most number of edits on English wikipedia from India came all the way from Chennai for the meet. We had some tender coconut and some snacks during the meetup.

See the full report here