Groklaw has more details about Microsoft Novell agreement

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Some quotes from Groklaw article.

I just realized the full significance. Novell here is stepping outside the line of fire and agreeing with Microsoft that *end users* are the ones that you must go after in any patent infringement dispute. Shades of SCOsource. Thanks for nothing, Novell. More questions: When were Novell SUSE customers asked if they wished Novell to negotiate a agreement with Microsoft on their behalf? When were Novell SUSE customers asked about the terms of said agreement? What consideration does Microsoft get from Novell’s customers? Does negotiating this agreement on Novell’s customers’ behalf indicate that Novell assumed Power of Attorney for their customers in this matter? Did Novell truly represent the best interest of their customers using Power of Attorney? Can Novell legally assume Power of Attorney for their customers without a written grant? Do Novell customers have the ability to “opt-out” of this agreement? Is this agreement binding on customers?

Now do you get it, that “Tivoization” is a metaphor for creative ways to make the GPL toothless? It’s a trend, not an isolated event. There’s money to be made, and the GPL is getting in their corporate way. What they forget is that the code came with a price. The terms of the GPL are that price.

Do you still believe GPLv2 is enough and Tivoization is an isolated insident? Participate in the GPLv3 revision process and help defend our Software and our Freedom.

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