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Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) is a technology that affects all users of computers, media players, mobile phones and other devices.

“‘Your devices don’t trust you!’ is the basic message of DRM. In fact they trust you so little that they will not even tell you that they put you under surveillance,” says Joachim Jakobs, FSFE’s media coordinator. [1]

If consumers even know there’s a DRM, what it is, and how it works, we’ve already failed, says Peter Lee, an executive at Disney. [2]

“DRM technologies are based on the principle that a third party has more influence over your devices than you, and that their interests will override yours when they come in conflict. That is even true where your interest is perfectly legitimate and legal, and possibly also for your own data,” explains Georg Greve, FSFE’s president. [3]

“the problem with restriction systems is that they require your computer to be under control of somebody other than you. In order to implement it up at layer seven, something that they want to achieve, we could argue what they are trying to achieve at layer seven is a good thing or a bad thing or it should be allowed or it shouldn’t be allowed. My problem is that if they are gonna lock you down way back down layer zero inside the kernel inorder to achieve an effect at layer seven, you know what they are going to accomplish, a zillion unintented consequences or at any rate irrelevant consequences.” – Eben Moglen, professor of law and history of law at Columbia University, serves pro bono as General Counsel for the Free Software Foundation, and is the Chairman of Software Freedom Law Center

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This campaign is an effort to bring awareness about DRM to Indian consumers and involve them in discussions that affect them.

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