Thank you, Microsoft!

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“… patent application was a mistake and one that should not have happened. To fix this, Microsoft will be removing the patent application in question. Our sincere apologies to Michael Klling and the BlueJ community.

In addition, our Product Unit Manager is investigating how this happened to begin…Again my apologies to Michael, but I’m glad in the end we did the right thing.” Dan Fernandez’s, Lead Product Manager – Visual Studio Express

Straight from the horse’s mouth

It is quite heartening to see a good move from Microsoft, candle in the dark. It all started when Microsoft tried to patent an idea available for long time in BlueJ IDE.

Michael Klling, a Senior Lecturer at the Computing Laboratory, University of Kent and one of the designers of BlueJ, an educational development environment for learning and teaching programming wrote:

“After blatantly copying BlueJ (without reference or attribution), Microsoft have now filed for patent for the functionality they knowingly copied from us.”

Lets hope they continue doing doing things, but that hope seems to be too far with the Vista Release. See http://badvista.fsf.org to understand why Vista is bad for consumers.

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