Dunc-Tank: Success or failure?

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Debian Project leader Anthony Towns was intervied by Liz Tay and it has some very interesting comments.

Do you think Dunc-Tank has been successful as an experiment?

There was a definite effect [of funding] on it [etch], and there were some other indirect effects as well, such as the Dunc-Bank project, in which a group of people, mostly from France, didn’t like the idea of paying people at all and set up a project that would work with Debian’s guidelines and try and improve Debian, but in such a way that Dunc-Tank would fail and wouldn’t release on time.

They decided to do some really thorough testing of the release and find more bugs that would then have to be fixed, because if you don’t find bugs in advance you can’t fix them, and so you might release on time, but with bugs.

So they found the bugs in advance, and said, ‘oh, we know about these bugs, and etch can’t be released till they’re fixed’. This forces us to release a better product, but later, which is what the Debian community tends to focus on anyway.

And this one is really good, it speaks truth about Debian. Especially if you are worried about flame wars in Debian lists.

When you can have people who are working in direct opposition to each other end up essentially working together to produce something better, that seems really amazing.

was an experiment to see if funding would help Debian. It was a project not officially part of Debian but Debian Project leader spearheading it!

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