Bangalore to light candles again

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This time it is to “Say No To Software Patents“. Earlier Bangalorians lighted candle for Document Freedom.

Candle in the darkness

Candle in the darkness

Join us on 23rd August 2003 in front of town hall, Corporation Circle, Bengaluru.

Tell us if you are coming on our facebook event page. Also invite your friends and pass on the message.

Mukt.in 2008

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mukt.in 2008 was a great experience and I wanted to write about, but couldn’t till now.

The most interesting thing about mukt.in was the level of interaction it offered. I had some very interesting discussions with many in the community and students. Pavithran had gathered many familiar names in the Indian Free Software community for the event. Hiran and Shyam decided to come in the last minute. Hiran was taking a session on font designing and Shyam on speech recognition.

Morning itself I met Warren of Drupal and started discussing with him about debian and ubuntu. We discussed issues relating to both the projects and was thinking of having some publicity efforts around lenny release in September. I started a thread in DebianIndia about this. Now that I won’t be in India for sometime, I hope someone would follow it up (Kartik?).

Pavithran and Shreekrishna were running around making things happen. We had some discussion around localization and challenges. Some things we discussed were having consistent translations across all applications and when to transliterate (use the same words in English).

Then Shaktimaan took out his Neo FreeRunner by OpenMoko project and everyone started playing with it. I got the chance to make first call on that mobile.

We had a plus meet at Paradise hotel with Riyaz Usman joining us for dinner. We ran in the rain, took a bus, walked on the railway platform and took and auto to reach Paradise. It was Pavithran’s brilliant idea to take a platform ticket and walk on the platform since all the roads were filled with water and would have to swim otherwise.

Second day we had a very interesting BoF on Education. Thyagarajan from ilugc was telling beautiful stories about his experiences and we all shared our experiences and views on what education should provide.

Then before we concluded the event there was lightning talks of five minutes by each speaker. It was with great happiness and satisfaction I started my journey back home. But there was a twist to that journey, that I will write later 🙂