Efforts to sabaotage FOSS Meet discussions

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:27 am by Pirate Praveen

Someone is not feeling good about FOSS Meet and its success. Yesterday we were not at all prepared for this kind of an attack in our irc meeting. But we managed to contain the attack by kicking out all the offenders and changing the channel to invite only.

At first look it looks like the regular irc take over attempts, but if you look at their nick names like thankappan and thangamma there is not a doubt left that hands of some mallus are at work. I don’t know if they are from NIT Campus itself or some other mallu online gang.

Remember this is the second time, there were attempts to vandalize the forums as well. If they dare to come to the event and do these kind of stuffs, the response would be different. These are cowards and let us not be bothered with these gimmicks.

If would like to see the irc logs, it is shared in the mailing list archive.

Update: Mailing list archive is public now. Visit thread with irc logs.