What is happening in this world?

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:25 pm by Pirate Praveen

I would like to just look at how advancement in digital and communication technology is impacting this world. One reason to look at this topic is my interest in Free Software. Eben Moglen has been speaking on impact of these technologies on larger society and it is very inspirational. Most of what I say here is originally said by Eben. When we moved from analog to digital format for storage and transmission of information, knowledge and culture became very cheap or additional cost has become zero. Once we pay for computer and internet it does not cost us any more to copy from a friend or download a movie, song or a software. I see this as huge advancement in human history. At this point we can give every one all of our culture, knowledge and information free of cost. Instead of using this opportunity to put all our efforts together to make this available to every one, we are trying to device even more restrictions to prevent even natural effort in this direction.

With mobile phones and internet becoming more prevalent, collaboration has become easier. Wikipedia, Free Software, Free Maps etc are examples of this. Collaboration of large number of common people now have the power of beating wealthiest corporation (Free Software communities can beat Microsoft today). Also use of twitter, facebook and other social media tools in Middle East and North African uprisings shows the power of these tools in effecting social change. Frantic efforts by governments to curtail free speech on the internet is another indication of its effectiveness. I believe it is right time to take this to as many fields as possible.