What do you think about this ? (Google scanning your inbox)

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Aashik asked me this question today pointing me to this article on The Verge – Google scans everyone’s email for child porn, and it just got a man arreste

This was my response, (attachment mentioned in the mail is given below)

censorship and free speech

The attached drawing illustrates the situation well. There is always bad guys as a justification of taking away our rights. It changes depending on place and time. When you take examples of bad guys, people stop thinking and emotion takes its place, once you are controlled by emotion, usually fear, you would accept anything that comes in the name of protection. These are nothing new, it is successfully used over the years, only details vary. Old wine in new bottle.

It is only cultural who is bad. Once being a communist was enough to torture you. Another time it was just being a Jew. Now living in Gaza is enough to get you killed.

You’ll need to blindly trust google not to misuse their powers. I don’t think that is a good thing.

When US made a nuclear bomb, no one thought it would be dropped on humans.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Now it is only child porn, when conditions are favourable, it can be terrorism, any crime, dissent… You cannot expect a profit making company to stand up for your rights. They may do it as long as it is profitable for them.

So in short, it does not make me satisfied it is just child porn.

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