Debian developers Conference 2006

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This year’s Debian Developers Conference will be held during FOSS.IN as a “Debian MiniConf”.

The mailing list announcement here.

If you wanna help out with the MiniConf or got some cool ideas sign up as a volunteer at DebConf wiki and give a shout in the DebianIndia Mailing list

We plan to

  • demo Debian GNU/Linux, Debian GNU/hurd, Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and new Debian Live
  • showcase the features that are unique to Debian like support for 11 different architectures
  • Co-ordinate Debian Localisation efforts
  • Guide new Debian Developers from India

If you have a new idea let us know.


Necessity is the mother of invention

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Necessity is the mother of invention 🙂

I found this saying to be true when I realised how delicious was the curry I made last day tasted [1], I discovered [2] that I am not that bad a cook after-all 🙂 Let me tell you about it.

It all started when I got sick last Friday, I was suffering from fever. I was so tired in the evening that I didn’t take dinner and slept. But I woke up at around 1 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep any more. After some time I just checked kitchen to see if anything was there. I was happy to see some rice and some onions. I thought I will make some Upma. I have been so lazy to cook [3] these days. There was no option left so I started cooking again.

This particular thought occurred to me on Monday when I made some onion curry and it tasted so good. I am bit disappointed since there was no one else to taste it. But Muthu tasted upma with me, Zahir was there to taste my peas curry on Sunday.
OK. Let me explain the recipe.

raw materials

* coriander power
* chilly powder
* mutton masala
* salt
* onion
* neem
* coconut oil
* mustard

Heat coconut oil in a china dish [4] and crackle mustard and put some curry leaves. Mix it with coriander powder, chilly powder and salt. Add some water and sliced onion with chilly. Add some mutton masala and keep it for some time.

Now have it with rice. Believe me it was so delicious !!

[1] But some say any thing tastes delicious when you are hungry, I would like to dismiss this view with contempt it deserves
[2] I am sure there will be some one who would want to argue that discovery is not an invention but again I have to look away from those
[3] we started cooking some months back and I have scribbled about it.
[4] someone correct me if cheenachatty is not china dish 🙂


Live on Radiocity

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Coming to Radio sets near you. Tune in to Radiocity 91 FM on monday 10am to 11am . I will be live on Good Morning Bangalore with Vasanti in Radiocity studios as Bangalore’s chosen one[1].

Some Background:

“Good morning Bangalore” on Radiocity has a quiz context called “Bangalore’s chosen one”. It runs from Monday to Friday at around 10am. It starts on Monady when Vasanti request for profiles of the Bangalore’s chosen one aspirants. Two contestants are selected from the received profiles on Monady to start the contest. Those who wins the contest on Monday will have to take on another the next day and it goes on. The one one who is unbeaten on Friday is selected as Bangalore’s chosen one.

I listen to it everyday and I planned to send my profile. I typed in my profile on Thursday itself and saved the message. It looks like this:

Praveen, Free (as in Freedom) Software evangelist,Radiocity Jam Buster[2], Software Engineer with HP, have won some quizes in school and meet you on Monday 🙂

I sent my profile around 10am. I got a call at 10.16am and it was vasanti from Radiocity ! She has chosen me for the contest which means my profile has been good. Then the contest started.

On Monday and Tuesday ‘Vinay – the architect’ won it, on Wednesday and Thursday ‘Meera – the reasearch scientist’ won it. Friday was the final day and the winners of Friday wil be Bangalore’s chosen one for the week and will come on AIR the next Monday with Vasanti on Good Morning Bangalore.

I was really excited about it when I read out the profile for the listners. Then the quiz started

Question 1: The movie ‘Devdas’ was inspired by a novel. Name the author of the novel ‘Devdas’?
I didn’t know the answer and Meera replied Raveendra Nath Tagore, but that was a wrong answer and we were ready for the second question.
The correct answer is Sarat Chandra Chatterjee.

Question 2: The previous president of India.
I had the answer ready – KR Narayanan (he is a Malayali). I got 1-0 lead.

Quetion 3: Which program Radiocity has on a Monady 4.45pm?
Before I could answer Meera came with ‘Simply Adjust Maadi’. And we are tied !

Tie Breaker: Now who ever answers this question will be Bangalore’s chosen one.
Name the river which means son of the creator?
I came up with Brahmputra first and I am Bangalore’s chosen one.

Now talk to all live tomorrow. Don’t forget
Tune in to Radiocity 91 FM between 10ma nad 11am

[1] I’m Bangalore’s chosen one

[2] I was on air today with Vasanti


I’m Bangalore’s Chosen one !

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Today I won Radio City 91 FM quiz and became Bangalore’s chosen one. I’ll be on AIR with Vasanti this Monday (from 10am to 11 am).


FOSS Month 2006

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Banagalore FOSS Community is celebrating Feb-March as FOSS Month 2006. We met at Kunningham road last friday and discussed the details of organising the event [See the minutes of the meet]. It was a wonderful meet where we discussed a lot of things. So welcoming all of you to FOSS Month.

Phenome on Radiocity Live

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Right now listening to phenom on “Radio City Live!”.


Started Cooking

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We started cooking from last week. Last Saturday we got ourselves a gas connection and sunday we purchased the utensils and started with a grant lunch with ‘payasam’. In the evening we made chicken curry. Now every day we cook dinner and we are enjoying it. I had to consult mom to make beans curry. Today also we had cooked chicken curry as it is a holiday.

Thats all for now.

Meeting with Mark Shuttleworth

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Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame (also Second Space Tourist and first African National in space) visited Bangalore last week (Thursday 19th Jan 2006) as part of his Asia Tour. I was lucky to listen to him twice a day, first in HP and then with BLUG. He talked about the reasons why he started Ubuntu project his vision for its future … and most interestingly his experience in space.

He talked about launchpad which is a collaboration tool for Free Software projects, especially for big projects like a distribution. He was very enthusiastic about the collaboration between various distributions and relation with upstream. He emphasised that we (foss community in India) is in the right time and taken a right choice. He talked about a sustainable model for Canonical. Ubuntu encourages customised distros based on Ubuntu and they offer such service too (for example Spain has its own version of ubuntu which is in Spanish and all the bookmarks and RSS feeds are relevent for them). He has autographed on Ubuntu CD for all of us.

To Praveen,

Follow Your Dreams.
Mark Shuttleworth

It was a very inspiring interaction for most of us. I’m looking forward to more involvement in the Ubuntu/Debian community.

He showed us the photos of his space trip and told us all about his experience. He was very enthusiastic about it. He went to Russia and learned Russian for the trip. He conducted some experiments in space.

It was such a wonderful experience which I would remember always.

Update: VR has a wonderful blog entry on it.


December BLUG meet

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I have not got a chance [read: lazy] to write about December blug meet, even though we are discussing about the January Blug meet [Surjo has written about it long back]. Surjo could have made it easier for me only if it was in my cubicle ! It happened in the same office I work, Embassy Icon HP office in Infantry Road. I work in 4th floor and the seminar hall was in 4th floor. This time the emphasize was hack fest which blug has taken up. [Read about it in Tejas’s blog]. We started discussing about a desktop application that shouldn’t be tied to a a particular Desktop Environment [Shreyas, who is a GNOME foundation member, was trying hard to be neutral in presence of KDE folks like Swaroop]. There exists a similar application called stardict but what we wanted is the ability to look up meaning in wiktionary and definition from wikipedia that could be accessible from any desktop application[Answers.com is in the making of one and there is a news that it is going to be a proprietary application. Wikinerds Portal has an article about it]. The application will be using dbus to exchange message between applications. The GUI will be programmed in gtkmozembed in python. Tejas has already written the wkipedia query part and after the exams get over more hands will be coding on this. 4 guys from PESIT volunteered for this. Shreekanth Jha [My colleague who joined with me] also came for the meet. After the meet we all moved to Coffee Day in Kunningham Road. The discussion continued and one interesting story I heard was from Kushal Das [From Durgapur who co-ordinates dgplug.org]. There used to be fights between their college and nearby college. When he narrated the incident we were like Oh its like we see in cinemas. The talk about the January meet is already out (on19th). This time Ubuntu team is visiting Bangalore as part of their Asia tour. Blug will be interacting with Mark Shuttleworth [the multi millionaire behind Ubuntu] and other Canaonical [the company behind Ubuntu development] folks. I am looking forward to this interaction.



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I have written about first 3 days earlier, so let me complete this with the fourth day.

I went to Harikrishnans home in the morning and we left for Bangalore palace in his bike. Earlier days we used to take auto. We lost our way once near the Cunningham road side but we reached venue by 10. As usual I was the hall marshal for the Ballroom. I collected the water bottles for the speakers and reached Ballroom in time. Morning session was FOSS Community track and Fred, Karunakar and Kushal presented in the morning. Fred talked about NGOs and FOSS, while Kushal spoke about his experience in Durgapurlug. In the after noon Volker Grassmuck (Wizards of OS) talked about the LiMux (Linux for Munich) project. He narrated each step of the migration and the probelms faced in a very interesting way. Munich chose Debian GNU/Linux for its 14000 desktops. Another interesting talk was by Sunil of Mahiti. He talked about government policy for foss adoption. He had good examples to quote for each of his arguments. There were some more sessions after this. Then the volunteers had to take all the stuff from Registration desk back to the expo hall.

Hats of to all the volunteers who made this event happen. Cheers to Surjo our chief. (We have a party for the volunteers today).

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