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I was given the charge of Ballroom again today. The theme for the morning session was Education. it started with Philip Tellis’ talk. There was some delay in starting the presentation due to some network problem, but sorted it out. It was a very interesting presentation when he tried to compare FOSS process with the Education process and suggested the changes needed in the current education system. after this there was a talk on Moodle (online course anagement software) by Dr. George Easaw of Goa Enginering college. He explained his experience in in setting up moddle in his college and clearly showed the benefits. Then there was a talk on Agriculture software developed for framers. It was followed by Sai Sreeram’s talk on his experience in Kuppam in Tamil Nadu as when he was with HP. I moved to the Intel hall for a presentation of NRCFOSS (National Resource Centre for FOSS) on curriculam developed for Anna University based on FOSS (They have 2 electives and a project on FOSS). I was hanging around in the evening in the expo area. There was Laya Taranga performing today and I was playing with Aasim(2nd atandard) and Arjun(10th standard who gave a presentation with Sarath on Morphix remastering). Surjo also joined us later. Just one more day to go. It was a wonderful experience to meet so many people who share your interests and ideas. Tomorrow we will be having a key signing party.



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Today I was in charge(Hall Marshal) of Ballroom hall. Today the sessions at Ballroom were focused on women in foss. There was a very interesting discussion going on and we listed plans to get more women involved in foss. There was a talk by Salamita Garcia of LinuxChix Brazil. I talked to Danes Cooper about the FOSS Community India Education project.

There was an interesting BoF Session on FOSS EDU IN and it was very interesting 11 of us turned up and discussed various issues to be addressed. Laxminarayan Kamath joined me and Barve to discuss more details of how to make it more appealing to the students.

Then we had volunteer meeting at 6.30 were we got our duties alotted. I will be at the Ballroom for the next day too. You can copy GNU/Hurd k10 cds and/or 20051117 (Nov 17) live CDs from download server or come to FSF India stall at FOSS Expo.


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I cnnot update it yesterday so I will just brief yesterdays happenings.

I was there by 9am and was at the registration desk handling speaker registration with Tejas. After that I was at the Intel hall when Atul was delivering the inaugural address. Atul said that he would consider foss.in a success if atleast 10 people contribute to FOSS after this and it would be mind bogling succes if 100s of hem contribute. The brief inaguration of the conference was by lighing a lamp by blug representatives from diffrent parts of India, like Swati Sani from Nagpur, Aravind Yadav from Goa, Arjun Asthana from Delhi, Kushal Das from Durgapur and Surjo Das from he host lug,ie Bangalore Linux Users Group(blug). I listen to the keynote address from Linux kernel Maintainer Alan Cox. He explained how to get involved in FOSS development process in very simple and easy to understand words. Then we (with Kanti Jadia) set up the FSF India stall and Pramod was seting up the phoenix stall. I demoed Debian GNU/Hurd in the FSF stall. I was very happy to see some really showed interest and there were a few who tried GNU/Hurd first and one guy had it running currently. Then I listened to Pradeep talking on Plone Content management system. Then I met some of my juniors who came all the way from Calicut to attend it(there wer 5 of them). After all the talks were over Revolution OS movie was screened. With Hari I came back home with a happy heart.


Open Talk Updates

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I have been to PESIT today to give an introduction to the Education project taken up by FOSS Community India as part of Open Talk. I have been in touch with Anush and Tejas (both students from PESIT) for the event. Last Sunday we met at Unitea house near PESIT and discussed about it. Dinesh from servelots and Laxminarayan from deeproot where also present. I reached there just in time (4:15). The event was started by Tejas with introduction to FOSS. He started with clarifying some FUDs about FOSS (Hope he’ll put the slides online soon). I will update about the slides when it is out. He also introduced some of the commonly available FOSS tools like Firefox, Gimp, Open Office … It was a nice introduction to the world of FOSS.

Then it was Anush‘s turn to talk about the development tools available under FOSS like eclipse, python, gcc … He also talked about the advantages of doing a real life project, how your work gets recognised…

Then came Swaroop‘s ‘Slither away with python’ – an introduction to the python programming language. Every one was so amused at how easy python got theings done. He came to our campus (NIT Calicut) last year and talked about python for floss meet 2005. It was a nice trip we had to Tusharagiri last time.

Get the presentation here
He also authored a book called ‘A byte of python

Then it was Shreyas‘ turn to enchant the audience. Both Shreyas and Swaroop are PESIT alumni. Shreyas talked about his experience in hacking gnome. It was a very interesting talk. He wanted to demonstrate how to actually fix the bugs but since there was not net connection available he could not do it. If you have decided to hack on any Free Software and you are looking for how to start contributing contact this guy, he’ll help you through.

Then it was my turn to talk about our initiative. I’ll put up the slides online soon. It is one requirement we felt about a full set of education utilities for India. We are starting with a apt/yum/you repo and live cd first and then actually move into the development. This campaign in campuses is to get teachers and students get involved in this project. If you find this interesting join our mailing list.

Then we waited for atul to reach the place and all of us were under his charm for about one and a half hour. He talked about innovation and the need to change the software industry in India to come up with products. He has live examples to demonstrate to students – Swaroop and Shreyas also he talked about Kalyan Varma, who is also from PESIT.

I guess that summarises the event nicely.

Update: I have the slides here pdf ppt (Brinkster don’t seem to recognise sxi)

Update2: Tejas and Swaroop also blogged about it
OpenTalk @ PESIT


Open Talk at PESIT on 24 evening

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We’ll be having a seminar at PESIT after successful campaign at BMS. I will be talking about FOSS in education and our project for a customised Education tools for India. More about the event at fci wiki. Atul, Shreyas, Swaroop, Anush and Tejas will also be speaking at the event. We have more such events planned so if you wanna participate in this campaign join our mailing list. I am looking forward to the event. Last time at BMS it was the audience participation, that made it hit. Some one from the first rows answering queries was cool. If you are in Bangalore try to be there.

I was on air today with Vasanti

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I’m so excited to get a chance to be on air on Radio City 91 FM. I woke up at 5 today (my regular time is 9) and was ready to go to my new office (Embassi Icon in Infantry Road — Just walking distance from Ashraya hotel where blug meets regularly) by 6.15. I just checked Photo Xpress for a foss.in poster. But I didn’t want to wait till 9.30. So I was waiting for Shivaji Nagar Bus (No. 164) in the bus stop next to Forum. Laxminarayan Kamath called me and we talked about foss.in. I got my bus after some time and I was listening to Radio City. Someone SMSed to say there was an accident in Hosur Main Road near Adugodi. After sometime when I just looked out of the window I saw a car crashed on to a bus, so I sent an SMS to Radio City describing what I saw. After some time I got a call from Vasanti and told me I’m going to be put on air as Radio City Jam Buster. I was a bit tensed but it was cool. I too started the show with ‘Good Morning Vasanti’ and ‘Good Morning Bangalore’ and end with a ‘Thank you for putting me on air’ as every one does. I was in Mayo Hall junction at that time. It was around 8. Everyone in the bus was looking at me and I was very excited. I have been trying to be on air for sometime but no SMSes succeeded before. It was my first time on air and I was very happy when Laxminarayan Kamath called me again after listening to me on Radio City. But I didn’t get a chance to dedicate a song 🙁 Well I can have it next time. Darius is having something called Open House once in a week for ‘Top 8 at 8’, where in every one appering their office at Residency Road will be put on air.

So it was an awesome morning. Waking up at 5 didn’t go in vain.


VTU recognises FOSS.IN

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A good step from BTU towards embracing FOSS. See http://foss.in/2005/students/vtu.php . Now students from all VTU affiliated colleges can participate in FOSS.IN without getting penalised for attendance. It is a great step. I guess we need to step up our previous VTU FLOSS Campaign.


One night with Suse

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I am still feeling sleepy. She let me sleep only after midnight. I had to wake up at 6 and come home so that I’ll be in office in time.

Well, Ranga wanted me to rescue his friends system after they installed Redhat GNU/Linux on top of Windows XP and they were not able to boot into Windows 200. I thought it was another HAL.DLL missing problem. The problem comes when you have a windows OS installed on a drive other than C and you created a partition bofore that Windows drive, default suse partition do that. It is very easy to resolve you just have to increment the number in C:\boot.ini with as many new created partitions are there
go to your c:\boot.ini file (you may have to mount the partition if you are using a live CD) line

[boot loader]

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect
C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT=”Microsoft Windows Recovery Console” /cmdcons

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(4)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect
Assume you created a swap partition on 3rd partition. the partition were your windows is moved to 5 now. So the new line looks like this

multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(5)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect

We left Electronic City at 7.30pm and we reached his home at 9. He stays with his friends Suresh and Ramesh. I got a nice welcome and had dinner there. The chicken curry was superb. Then we moved to the business. They were braver to install Redhat in the first partition so there is no configuration file for NTLDR (default boot loader of windows). So I had to first re install Windows 2000 in the C drive and back up his data files to free one partition for GNU/Linux. We were in a dilemma as to which distro to chose ( we had fedoar, redhat, suse and ubuntu ). I suggested Suse and we started installing. We partitioned the 25GB drive (Suse’s partitioner has got a minor drw back, it needs you to chose cylinders instead of the sizes, so you’ll have to make some calculations – 1 cylinder is 9MB size). It installed finely (except for some missing packages because of bad sectors in CD – gnome didn’t install). Then i stayed there and woke up in the morning and now I’m in office typing this 🙂 . Now got to meet HSR Rao.

That’s all for now.

See my previous hacks with Suse and Windows XP on Rauf’s comp


Invited speakers list of FOSS.IN

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See original message:


I imagine that some of you would be interested in hearing about some of
the speakers who will be coming to FOSS.IN/2005, from far away shores. 🙂

So here are a few, and over the next few days, more will be revealed.


Many people have an impact on their chosen field in a singular manner –
typically through a specific project, or a specific direction. It is rare
for someone to be known for two completely different things within the
same field. Our first speaker, however, has managed to do just that.

He is the co-author of what could probably be called “The Bible of Linux
Development”, in which he uses his keen knowledge of the Linux kernel and
its design to show people how to develop device drivers. No one in India
would even *think* of trying this without referring to his book, now in
the third edition.

He is also the editor of the world’s most respected FOSS publication to be
found online – the one place where *everyone* goes to read unbiased news,
reviews and commentary about the FOSS world.

Our first visiting speaker is Jonathan Corbet, co-author of “Linux Device
Drivers”, and editor of LWN.NET, aka “Linux Weekly News”.


Last year, he came to LB/2004, bringing with him not only the development
knowledge of FOSS projects he himself is deeply involved in, but his keen
sense of direction when it comes to enterprise-wide deployment of FOSS

He also brought with him an ocean of experience related to the creation of
events for the community, having himself helped bring to life one of the
most famous of them all.

From Linux Australia, we have Andrew Cowie. Read the rest of this entry »


October blug meet at Mahiti

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October blug meet happened this Saturday 22 at Mahiti Infotech in Domlur. I went to the meet with my friends Dilip and Kiren SK. The meet started at 4.30. Dinesh of Servelots, Alan of Mahiti were some present (total 16 people turned up). We discussed about our experience with BMS folks and our plans for the next seminar in BMS. But we have not finalised anything yet. We are looking for voluntters for the meet. This time we want to be more prepared and focused. Tejas was also present for the meet (He is in first year at PESIT). The we discussed about the venue and timings. Most of us din’t care about the venue or time. Though every one agreed upon saturady evennings and center of city. The next month blug meet is in Goa ! Only one seat was left (and I think by now it will be filled too). Contact Devadas Bhagath if you are interested. Goa guys will be joining bluggers there.

Sujo’s blog has a report of the meet

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