Project Killing (time) — and lots of Partition hacks

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Noted on 19 May 2005

I’ve been able to engage myself in ‘something or other’ for the last 3 weeks since I left NITC, like
IT@School training,
Movies (Akkareyakkare Akkare, Ninathen vanthai),
Reading [K.L. Mohanavarma’s ‘Settlement’, News papers — almost complete!! ]
or ‘Bakar’ (Kathi) with sabeel (he left for exams on 14th).
Update: He is placed in HCL Infosystems through Campus Recruitment
I went to rauf’s home to demeonstrate GNU/Lnux as Sabeel got really exited as I kept on telling him about my hacks. Well, it seems his interest has gone as he saw it as a simple thing !!! [It was Suse 9.3 Professional and I could not go into much of the commands and configuration files and options ]. To some it is interesting when it is not common or not challenging. Read the rest of this entry »


The Interpreter

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The interpreter by Sydney Pollack

The first movie to be shoot at UN ‘The Interprter‘ by Sydney Pollack is released in Australia and soon will be available in US. Read the rest of this entry »


Weekend …. Movies ….. and music

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The main CC was down yester day because the UPS got burned, and it was up only today morning. Well yesterday I saw two movies ‘The Italian Job’ and ‘Kadal’. The first one was a great thriller and a ‘must-watch’ and the other is a movie which portrait reality [It is a Tamil movie], and it is very different and very disturbing to say the least. The Italian Job has all the ingradients to keep you hooked to the seat.
Yesterday night Arun Titto called me and asked me to try something to play the vcd which didn’t open in Windows XP. I simply tried mplayer vcd://1 and it played smoothly. Titto was amazed and he is now a fan of the GNU/Linux box [powered by the first ever distro — the powerful slackware]. Now about the movie, it is a love story [a normal love story] but pictured in a very different way [Infact I won’t recommend anyone to see it — After all you see a movie to relax, if you’re not this type then go and watch it]. The story is very much slow paced and test your patience. We, me, Titto and Jayadev had to try hard not to leave before it ended.
Then I’ve completed a major chink of the fair record with the help of xmms and mplayer in xavier’s computer running slackware [It was my favorite at that time and I installed it on 4 of my friends computer and I had to configure every part of the system to get it working — I strongly recommend this to everyone who really want to learn the hacker’s way [It is called ahckers distro] you have to configure sound, graphics card, run level ….. [and without any wizards help — just the command line] the partition to be done using cfdisk [or fdisk for more challenging] then alsaconfig, X configuration [Infact I got a great chance to learn what happens under the hood and really make it the way I wanted [they give the gnome, kde …. as is given by the developers — unlike redhat or suse ppl who configure everything for you]

Review of The Italian Job in IMDB
Cinesouth has a review of kadal


Playing with Grub and Apache

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Today I’ve been playing with Grub [GRand Unified Bootloader] and Apache. In the cc the new computers are configured with GNU/Linux and Windows 2003 dual boot [it was a forced decision against our wish]. Now the windows machines got affected by virus [natural:-)], the staff reinstalled windows and it over-wrote mbr and we had to install grub again. We inserted the cd and botted with ‘linux rescue’ and got the command. But we got cheated by the offer ‘chroot /mnt/sysimage’ to use the old system the grub didn’t work at all!!!
Whenever we tried root (hd0, it showed error. Then we found out that the is no entry in /dev [later realised that /mnt/sysimage/dev after the chroot:-)]. Tried everything, searched google and Vijeesh me and VinMo tried different formats hd0, /dev/hda…. but nothing did work. then I rebooted and without the chroot got the grub prompt.
grub>root (hd0,7)
grub>setup (hd0)
It worked fine [Vijeesh knew this commands]

Today I saw a malayalam movie CID Moosa, a Dilip Comedy. And then they wanted to host ragam site on tux and I strted playing with apache. Now finally I managed with 80 nad 81 ports after some trail and error proceedures. The DocumentRoot was a problem and I managed it with a work-around, still got to figure out how to do it the right way which I want it to be.


Back again …

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After a long vacation of two months I am back in the college again. It was very boring in the middle when I read all interesting novels and Euro cup didn’t start. After the Euro cup’s kick off I have been up all night and ‘down’ all day ! The Euro cup turned out to be very interesting with all friends turn up to watch the match together. Read many interesting novels in the mean time. Also some were very dull. I’ll discuss some of the books later. some of them are ‘Bourne Identity’ and ‘Cry of the Halidon’ by Robert Ludlum, ‘Case of the careless cupid’ by Earle Stanely Gardner [the creator of the famous criminal lawyer Perry Mason], ‘The man in the Iron Mask’ by alexander Dumas, ‘The Wind in the willows’ by Kenneth Graham ……

Within two days of coming here I saw two movies ‘Lakshya’ a Hindi film starring Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta also the first installment of Matrix trilogy, ‘The Matrix’. I was not interested in that movie when everyone went to see that. But after hearing the story I wanted badly to see that. Now I’ll see the remaining parts soon.

Gotta go now

Its Placement time and everyone is anxious about a job.